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An audition website is a web site that aggregates audition information and delivers this information via the World Wide Web. There are hundreds of companies that operate acting, modeling, and dancing audition websites. Originally, only talent agents were able to provide actors, models, dancers and other performers with audition information. This meant that only performers that were represented by Talent Agents could go on auditions. Today, both open auditions and private auditions can be found on reliable audition websites. Talented performers can browse the World Wide Web and find many different audition websites. The primary organization of professional screen and theater casting in the United States is the Casting Society of America (CSA). Membership to the CSA is optional.

Audition websites are an integral component in the employment statistics[1] of actors and other industry professionals. Most acting assignments are typically short term and range from 1 day to a few months. Many professional actors use either agents or managers to find work, and plan their careers. A talent agent generally earns a percentage of the pay earned by an actor, as specified in the actor's contract. Other actors rely solely on attending open auditions, found on audition websites, for parts.

Some audition websites require membership and others are free to use. Most all audition websites involve the member regularly browsing audition listings and "self-submitting" for auditions. This enables members to choose the types of jobs that they audition for. Other than membership dues, audition websites do not charge other fees or take a percentage of income earned from jobs. Audition websites have grown in popularity and the most visited audition websites have memberships in the millions. A casting director, talent agent, film producer, or movie director can use Audition websites to locate performers for casting. These industry professionals use audition websites to find talent for commercials, music videos, movies, and other entertainment projects.

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