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Audrey Lindop Grant (born 16 December 1940) is a Canadian professional educator and a contract bridge teacher and writer known for her simple and humorous approach to the game. Grant is from Toronto, Ontario.[1]

Grant and the world champion player Eric Rodwell co-wrote The Joy of Bridge and Bridge Maxims – full-length, primarily instructional books published in 1984 and 1987. Audrey Grant's Better Bridge was a series of instructional books published in 1995. She also wrote the ACBL Bridge series, or American Contract Bridge League introduction to bridge series, a set of five instructional books published by the ACBL:1994 Bidding, Play of the Hand, Defense, Commonly Used Conventions, and More Commonly Used Conventions. She has written several other bridge books too.

Grant also publishes the bi-monthly Better Bridge Magazine. Started in 2004, this magazine includes articles and hints related to bridge.[2]

As well, Grant publishes an online bridge column every day. Started in 2012, this column includes bidding quizzes, declarer-play practice, and practice defending.[3]

In 2012 the ACBL named Grant number 43 of the 52 most influential people during the 75-year lifetime of the organization. It cited her teaching and writing on bridge, as well as many years work as its educational consultant.[4]



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