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Audrey Raines
24 character
Kim Raver as Audrey Raines
First appearanceDay 4 – Episode 1
Last appearanceDay 9 – Episode 12
Portrayed byKim Raver
Days4, 5, 6, 9
FamilyJames Heller (father)
Richard Heller (brother)
SpousePaul Raines
Mark Boudreau
Significant otherJack Bauer

Audrey Raines (Audrey Louise Boudreau in 24: Live Another Day[1]), is a fictional character played by actress Kim Raver on the television series, 24.


Audrey (born Audrey Louise Heller) was born in either Albany, New York or Providence, Rhode Island (her file states Providence, however in Day 6, Jack Bauer states that she was born in Albany). Her mother died when she was nine. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Yale University, and a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Brown University. She was employed as an Inter-Agency Liaison for the United States Department of Defense, where she was last assigned to the Los Angeles CTU division. Her skill set and expertise involved coordinating between government agencies. Audrey previously served at the Defense Department as a Senior Policy Analyst for her father Secretary of Defense James Heller.

Raines had also worked as a consultant for government contracts for Anderson Aerospace Corporation and a government liaison for Ballard Technology, as well as a registered lobbyist. Her first job in government was a legislative assistant (possibly for her father) dealing with the House Armed Services Committee.


24: Season 4[edit]

During the events of Day 4, Audrey wanted to make the divorce of her and Paul final. Jack planned to tell Heller about him and Audrey. However, when he learned that James Heller was targeted by a group of terrorists, under the control of Habib Marwan, both Heller and Audrey were kidnapped. For the next four hours, Jack was reinstated at CTU to find and rescue Heller and Audrey. Eventually, they were, but Heller was since made aware of Jack and Audrey's involvements.

She later learned that Paul came to Los Angeles to see her, but was told by Jack that Paul may have ties with the terrorists. She witnessed Jack torture Paul, and was eventually torn between the two, since Paul attempted to win Audrey back. However, after Paul helped Jack, Paul was shot, and after learning that Paul needed support, she decided to remain at Paul's side.

However, this plan went awry when Jack ordered all the CTU medical personnel, who were operating on Paul, to leave him and treat the grievously injured suspect Lee Jong instead. Paul died, which infuriated Audrey to the point of leaving Jack, despite still having feelings for him. She was devastated when she learned Jack was killed, not knowing that his death was a ruse that would remain undiscovered for the next eighteen months.

24: Season 5[edit]

Eighteen months later, during season 5, Audrey is still working for the Department of Defense. She was sent back to CTU as a DOD liaison to aid in their investigation into the assassination of former U.S. President David Palmer. When Audrey learns that Jack is still alive, it is evident that she still has feelings for him. A power struggle ensues between her and a new CTU chief, Lynn McGill, until the latter is forcibly relieved of command.

Later on, she was implicated in the ongoing terrorist attacks by Collette Stenger, a terrorist collaborator, who said that Audrey supplied her with building schematics to sell to Vladimir Bierko. Karen suggested that they use torture. She was tied up and tortured for a while until the proper evidence was found that proved that she was innocent. Jack soon cleared her of wrongdoing - Christopher Henderson had ordered that Audrey's name be intentionally leaked to CTU in order to throw Jack Bauer off the trail — but not before being subjected to a medical interrogation involving Sodium Pentothal, the same drug used to torture Henderson and "murder" Tony Almeida. Bauer helped to clear Audrey of any suspicion. She was not immediately put back to work, in order to recover from the effects of the torturing chemical.

Once Audrey was reinstated, Homeland Security agents Karen Hayes and Miles Papazian acted on their orders to absorb CTU. Because of her DOD ties, Audrey was unaffected. However, Miles attempted to force her to sign a confession blaming Bill Buchanan for CTU's failings. Audrey initially refused, but Jack told her of the White House's connection to Henderson, and that she and Chloe O'Brian were the only ones he could trust. In order to keep Chloe at her position, she agreed to sign the confession. Audrey then left CTU, but Homeland Security attempted to track her so that she could lead them to Jack, whom President Logan had now ordered to be arrested for David Palmer's murder. With Chloe's help, Audrey removed a tracking device from her car and escaped satellite detection. She called her father on his private jet and told him that it was urgent she speak to him personally. Jack contacted her shortly after recovering evidence implicating Logan, and she told him to meet Heller at Van Nuys Airport to hand off the evidence to him.

After giving the tape to one of his guards, Secretary Heller had Jack and Audrey detained by his guards while he went off to confront Logan. Jack escaped and managed to recover the tape, but Henderson and his men arrived at the airport, taking Audrey hostage. In an effort to get Jack to hand over the recording, Henderson cut the brachial artery in Audrey's left arm, which would have led to her death in three minutes. Before she bled to death, Jack handed over the tape. After Henderson escaped, Jack put a tourniquet on her arm, saving her life. When Jack later apprehended Henderson (with Audrey at his side), Henderson said that he had his men on standby orders to kill James Heller if he did not contact them every fifteen minutes. Jack informs Heller about the situation, but Heller asks Jack to tell his daughter that he loves her, raising a red flag. When Jack asks over the phone with Chloe O'Brian to see if Heller had driven his car off the road from her satellite visual, it is confirmed that he did. Audrey went into a breakdown of grief, insisting that Jack should shoot Henderson if he would not give Jack the incriminating recording. It is later learned that Henderson had given the recording to another person. Jack claimed he had to stay and wait until Curtis Manning and his team could collect Henderson, but Audrey retorts that if the recording is not recovered, then her father would have died for nothing.

Jack left Audrey alone with the recording, and Henderson's men eventually pinpoint their boss' location, pressuring Audrey to flee the scene. She attempted to assassinate Henderson before his men arrived, but her moral sense proved too strong. Audrey was rescued by Curtis Manning and his tactical team as soon as Henderson ordered his men to close in on her. Audrey later discovers at CTU from Curtis that her father survived going over the cliff, but remains in critical condition.

Audrey remains at CTU to aid Jack while he attempts to stop Bierko from firing missiles from a Russian submarine.

At the end of the day, with the crisis seemingly over, she reunites with Jack and the two share a passionate kiss. Jack is notified by a Federal agent that his daughter Kim is calling him. Jack leaves Audrey to take the call. Several minutes later, Audrey goes to check on Jack and is horrified to find him missing. She is unaware that he has been abducted by the Chinese officials who had somehow learned that he was still alive.

24: Season 6[edit]

When Jack asked about Audrey upon his return to Los Angeles, Bill Buchanan replied that she did not know he was back yet. Jack requested that he keep it that way.[2] He later learns from Marilyn Bauer that Audrey had been killed in a car accident in China a few months before his release. Chloe O'Brian tells him it was Audrey who discovered that the Chinese government had kidnapped him and had been working through diplomatic back channels to secure Jack's release, although it was unclear at the time as to whether the Chinese government was involved in her death.

Later in the day, after Jack secures the last two nuclear suitcases, Doyle gives Jack Bauer a call that he says is coming through a CTU switchboard, but is actually Audrey Raines. Jack is stunned to hear Audrey's voice on the phone, but she is cut off by Cheng Zhi, the Director of Security for the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Los Angeles. Cheng informs Jack that Audrey is still alive, but if he wishes to keep her alive Jack must call him back on a given number (the infamous 24 fan phone) when he is alone.

Jack, not telling anyone that he had been contacted by the Chinese and Audrey, calls Cheng back and is told that a component from the nukes will have to be exchanged for the release of Audrey. Bauer agrees and requests help from Chloe O'Brian to get the plans for the chip. Morris O'Brian catches Chloe accessing his files, and persuades her to tell Buchanan. Buchanan has Jack arrested, but grants his wish to contact President Wayne Palmer. Palmer agrees to the rescue mission, guaranteed by Jack that he "has his word." Later in the episode, Palmer collapses from his previous head injury and Vice President Noah Daniels takes power. His first act is to shut down Bauer's mission. Jack realizes what is going on, and holds Mike Doyle at gunpoint, forcing him to exit the vehicle they were taking to Audrey's destination. When Jack forces Cheng to change the meeting's position to avoid capture, he is followed by Doyle, who steals a vehicle from a local civilian. After chasing him to an abandoned motel, he proceeds to start a gunfight after calling more agents and helicopters. Cheng narrowly escapes in a Hummer and has his men shoot down a helicopter, with the component still in his possession, and Audrey in CTU's safe keeping. When Jack is arrested for his actions, he turns to see Audrey be taken away by Doyle's fellow CTU agents and discovers, to his horror that Audrey has been severely traumatized by her time in captivity. Audrey mutters “Help me, Jack. Please don’t let them do this to me.” over and over to everyone, before entering into a catatonic state.

Audrey and Jack are taken back to CTU separately, with Audrey sent to CTU's medlab. A medical specialist is called in to examine the catatonic Audrey, determining that Audrey had been systematically tortured and injected with mind damaging chemicals by the Chinese while imprisoned. To try to wake Audrey from her catatonic state, the psychologist brought in to diagnose and treat her condition prepares a potentially lethal treatment which involved injecting Audrey with more chemicals to "shock" Audrey awake. Meanwhile, Jack begged Doyle to let him speak with Audrey, feeling that he could reach Audrey due to the love they once shared. Doyle talks to the psychologist in the clinic about Jack's request, who refuses to allow Jack near Audrey. Nadia Yassir, the acting Director of CTU, backs the psychologist's decision, in part because of the psychologist pulling rank on her regarding having full control over Audrey.

Doyle returns to holding and arranges for Jack to escape custody. Jack goes to the clinic and stops the doctor just as he is about to begin injecting Audrey. Taking Audrey to CTU's basement in a frantic attempt to escape, Jack then tries to get Audrey to wake up and remember where she had been held by the Chinese when she was returned to the states. Nadia, the doctor, Doyle, and two security personnel arrive, but just as they are about to take Jack into custody Audrey utters the word "Bloomfield". Bloomfield turns out to be the name of a copper company, and after CTU forensics finds oxidized copper particles on Audrey's clothing, it is believed that this is where Cheng was holding her and that the location might be Cheng's base of operations. Jack and Audrey are taken back to holding and the clinic, respectively, right after Nadia promises Jack she will not let the doctor go near Audrey. Minutes later James Heller arrives to take Audrey home with him so she can recover, and then warns Jack never to go near her again. Nadia Yassir later tells Jack that Heller has moved Audrey to a civilian hospital, outside of CTU.

During the season finale of season 6, Jack unexpectedly visits James Heller at home. Jack threatens to kill Heller if he is not allowed to see Audrey and escape with her. When Jack is granted access, he changes his mind about taking her with him; while watching her rest, Jack admits that they can no longer be together. He promises his eternal love, and then leaves the house and the season ends with a silent clock honoring Jack's sacrifice.

24: Live Another Day[edit]

Audrey is in London with her father, who is now the President and is trying to convince the United Kingdom not to close an important American base being used for drone operations. She is seemingly fully recovered from her trauma in season 6. It is revealed she is now married to White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan). When Jack is captured in the season pilot, Mark keeps this a secret from Audrey and her father because he believes this would be too traumatic for them.

Audrey and Mark are concerned about the medical condition of her father. They assist him in practicing for a speech before Parliament. After her father's speech, she learns from her husband that Jack Bauer is holding people hostage in the US Embassy and is upset that he kept Jack's presence in London a secret from her and her father. After Jack personally spoke to Heller about the threat Margot Al-Harazi posed with her ability to hack into U.S. drones with an override device, Audrey speaks to Jack alone, and the two embrace each other.

When Audrey finds out that her father plans to surrender himself to Margot in exchange for her to disable the hijacked drones she is distraught and initially blames Mark for helping him with his plan. Throughout the remainder of the day she was occasionally verbally hostile towards Mark. After she discovers that Cheng Zhi is alive she is shown visibly distraught and in a phone call with Jack she requests that he kills Cheng.

Due to the possibility of an armed conflict between China and the U.S. after Cheng used the override device to order a U.S. Navy nuclear sub to sink a Chinese aircraft carrier, Audrey contacts a friend at the Chinese embassy to present evidence of the hijacked drone attacks. After meeting her friend in a park giving her friend the evidence, her friend and the Secret Service agents guarding her are shot by a sniper. Audrey is then called by Cheng and told the sniper is aiming at her.

Due to Jack's attempts to capture Cheng, Kate Morgan takes a team and attempts to rescue her. She successfully rescues her by killing the sniper with her fellow CIA agents. However, a car driven by Cheng's men does a drive-by shooting, taking a few CIA agents down and killing Audrey. Audrey is honored with the 12th silent clock of the 24 series.[3]


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