Aue (Elbe)

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The Aue between Bliedersdorf and Horneburg in spring 2006
State Lower Saxony, Germany
Reference no. 596
Physical characteristics
Main source Near Ahlerstedt
ca. 44 m
53°24′41″N 9°29′12″E / 53.41139°N 9.48667°E / 53.41139; 9.48667Coordinates: 53°24′41″N 9°29′12″E / 53.41139°N 9.48667°E / 53.41139; 9.48667
River mouth In Horneburg into the Lühe
53°30′43″N 9°35′27″E / 53.51194°N 9.59083°E / 53.51194; 9.59083
Length ca. 26 km
Basin features
Progression Lühe (river) → Elbe → North Sea
River system Elbe

The Aue is a river in northern Germany in the district of Stade in Lower Saxony. It has a length of about 26 km.


The Aue rises in the vicinity of Klethen near Ahlerstedt and flows through the towns and villages of:

to Horneburg, where it changes its name and from there on flows as the Lühe for a further 12.7 km to the River Elbe.


In August 2002 a flood, caused by a long period of heavy rain in the catchment area of the river, broke through the dykes at Horneburg and caused considerable damage there. Horneburg responded to the threat of further flooding by building a stronger quay wall within the village and renovating the dykes.