Auerbach (Horgau)

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Auerbach (Horgau) is located in Germany
Auerbach (Horgau)
Country: Coat of arms of Germany Germany
State: Coat of arms of Bavaria Bavaria
Admin.region: Coat of arms of Schwaben Schwaben
District: Coat of arms of Augsburg district Augsburg
Municipality: Coat of arms of Horgau Horgau
Coordinates: 48° 24′ N, 10° 40′ E
Elevation: 465 m  (1526 ft)
Population: 500 (2007)
Postal code: 86497 (old: 8901)
Area code: 08294
Licence plate code: A

Auerbach (About this sound  ) is a village in the municipality Horgau near Augsburg (13 km) in the district of Augsburg, in Swabia - Bavaria, southern Germany.

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Coordinates: 48°24′6″N 10°40′18″E / 48.40167°N 10.67167°E / 48.40167; 10.67167