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Auerbach Grayson & Company Inc.
Founded 1992

David Grayson

Jonathan Auerbach (1942-2012)
Headquarters New York, NY, USA

Auerbach Grayson & Co (abbr: AGCO) is a New York-based brokerage firm committed to serving the international needs of major US institutional investors. Through its worldwide network of broker partners, Auerbach Grayson offers research, execution and clearance in equities, derivatives and fixed-income instruments.[1]

The core of Auerbach Grayson is its global-network concept. With approximately 400 analysts in 130 local markets, Auerbach Grayson establishes exclusive partnerships with major foreign banks and brokers in every region they operate. Its partners are leading brokers in their markets and members of their local stock exchanges, as they provide clients with specialized research on any of the thousands of public companies in markets worldwide.[2]

Auerbach Grayson encourages its broker partners to find interesting companies—those that are undervalued, under-represented in U.S. portfolios, or misunderstood. Each broker's analysts continually evaluate investment opportunities in their local market and provide its research to Auerbach Grayson on an exclusive basis for distribution to its clients.[3]

Auerbach Grayson's oversight assures that the research meets the high standards of U.S. institutions. In practice, each of Auerbach Grayson’s partners serves as its local office and it serves as their U.S. office. Additionally, the company offers direct access to foreign analysts & company management, through investor-conferences and roadshows, and on an individual basis with conference calls and by taking clients on trips to meet with foreign analysts & the management of investee companies.[4]

Auerbach Grayson believes that it provides investors with advantages that no other firm does: Direct access to local, bottom-up research on thousands of companies in the world’s major and emerging markets; and direct, quality execution and clearance in the market, with low execution costs that eliminate spread mark-ups and double commissions.

Auerbach Grayson is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).[5][6]

Market Significance & Recent News[edit]

In March 2013, Auerbach Grayson announced that it had sold a minority stake of the company to Morgan Stanley to become Morgan Stanley's executing broker in several emerging and frontier markets - specifically those where Morgan Stanley did not have a local presence.

In June 2009 the company became the first non-Iraqi firm to sell Iraqi securities and market research on Iraqi companies since the 2003 invasion.[7][8]

The company is accepted as being the first to offer foreign research in the XBRL format (formally debuted in July 2008).[9][10]


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