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Logo of Aufstehen (2018)

Aufstehen (German, get up) is a left-wing collective movement founded by Die-Linke politician Sahra Wagenknecht in late summer of 2018. Co-founders and participants are leading members of Germany's left-oriented parties, as well as supporters from science and the arts. Their aim is to exert pressure on German political parties and to bring about a shift to the left in politics and society. This includes focusing on the issues concerning the voters lost to the new right-wing in German politics of late. Role models are La France Insoumise of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Momentum from the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.[1]


The collective movement had been debated on for months when its website was launched on 4 August 2018. It is to be founded officially in early September 2018, when Wagenknecht will present her fellow supporters. Among the founders are members of The Left, the SPD, and the Greens. The background for the collective movement founded in September 2018 is the surge of right-wing parties worldwide, including Germany. The collective movement argues against the rise in social injustice and urges leftist parties to unite in order to bring about a change in German politics.[1]


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