Augeas (software)

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Stable release
1.4.0 / May 22, 2015; 21 months ago (2015-05-22)
Written in C
Operating system Unix-like
Size 1.8MB[1]
Type Configuration management
License GNU LGPL 2.1 or later

In computing, Augeas, a configuration-management library, runs open-source C code under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Augeas uses programs called lenses (in reference to the Harmony Project[2]) to map a filesystem to an XML tree which can then be parsed using an XPath syntax, using a bidirectional transformation. Writing such lenses extends the amount of files Augeas can parse.


Augeas has bindings for:

Programs using augeas[edit]

  • Certbot, ACME client
  • Puppet provides an Augeas module[10] which makes use of the Ruby bindings
  • SaltStack provides an Augeas module[11] which makes use of the python bindings


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