August 2053 lunar eclipse

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August 2053 lunar eclipse
Penumbral eclipse
Date29 August 2053
Saros cycle119 (64 of 83)
Penumbral277 minutes, 51 seconds

A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on August 29, 2053.

This eclipse is a relatively rare total penumbral lunar eclipse wherein the entire moon passes through the Earth's penumbra without any portion entering the umbra.[1] This eclipse will be the first total penumbral lunar eclipse since the March 2006 lunar eclipse.

This lunar eclipse will be followed by a last quarter moon on September 5, 2053 and also the solar eclipse of September 12, 2053.


Chart showing how the moon will travel through the Earth's penumbral shadow.

The entire eclipse will be visible in most of North America, Central America, and the western half of South America. Part of the eclipse will be visible in the remainder of North and South America, Oceania, far-eastern Asia, western Africa, and far-western Europe.

Related lunar eclipses[edit]

This lunar eclipse is part of Lunar Saros 119.

Half-Saros cycle[edit]

A lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5.5 days (a half saros).[2] This lunar eclipse is related to two solar eclipses of Solar Saros 126.

August 23, 2044 September 3, 2062
SE2044Aug23T.png SE2062Sep03P.png

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