August 23 Artillery Battle Museum

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Coordinates: 24°26′35″N 118°25′57″E / 24.44306°N 118.43250°E / 24.44306; 118.43250

August 23 Artillery Battle Museum
Aug.23 Artillery Battle Museum 20050707.jpg
Established 1988
Location Jinhu, Kinmen, Fujian, Republic of China
Type Museum

The August 23 Artillery Battle Museum (Chinese: 八二三戰史館; pinyin: Bā'èrsān Zhàn Shǐguǎn) is a museum in Zhongzheng Park, Jinhu Township, Kinmen, Fujian, Republic of China.[1][2]


The museum was built in 1988 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 23 August 1958 Artillery War during the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis.[3][4][5]


On the both sides of the museum main entrance are the carving of the names of the 587 ROC armed forces servicemen who lost their lives in the bombardment. On the left side are displayed the main air fighter used by the forces at that time and the main artillery piece. On the right side is one of the amphibious landing craft which played a vital role in transporting troops and materials during the battle.[6]


The museum exhibits historical artifacts in 12 display areas for charts, photographs, documents, relics and models.

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