August 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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August 27 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - August 29

All fixed commemorations below are observed on September 10 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.[note 1]

For August 28, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on August 15.


Pre-Schism Western saints[edit]

Post-Schism Orthodox saints[edit]

New martyrs and confessors[edit]

  • New Hieromartyrs of Zilantov Monastery in Kazan (1918):[1][8][15][20]
  • Archimandrite Sergius (Zaitsev);
  • Hieromanoks Laurence (Nikitin) and Seraphim (Kuzmin);
  • Hierodeacon Theodosius (Alexandrov);
  • New Monk-martyrs Leontius (Kariagin) and Stephen;
  • Novices George (Timofeev), Hilarion (Pravdin), John (Sretensky), and Sergius (Galin).

Other commemorations[edit]

Icon gallery[edit]


  1. ^ The notation Old Style or (OS) is sometimes used to indicate a date in the Julian Calendar (which is used by churches on the "Old Calendar").
    The notation New Style or (NS), indicates a date in the Revised Julian calendar (which is used by churches on the "New Calendar").
  2. ^ He is not listed in the Synaxaria. His memory is recorded in the Sinaitic Codex 631, where two Troparia are dedicated to him.
  3. ^ "Also, St. Moses, an Æthiopian, who gave up a life of robbery and became a renowned anchoret. He converted many robbers, and led them to a monastery."[14]
  4. ^ "At Rome, the birthday of St. Hermes, an illustrious man, who, as we read in the Acts of the blessed pope Alexander, was first confined in prison, and afterwards ended his martyrdom by the sword, under the judge Aurelian."[14]
  5. ^ "At Coutances, in France, St. Pelagius, martyr, who received the crown of martyrdom under the emperor Numerian and the judge Evilasius."[14] His relics were transferred to Città Nuova in Istria and part of them (c 915) to Constance in Germany. He is venerated as the patron-saint of Constance.
  6. ^ Born in Vienne in France, he was an officer in the imperial army and a secret Christian. On the outbreak of persecution, probably under Decius, at first he fled but then gave himself up and was martyred near Brionde.
  7. ^ "At Brioude, in Auvergne, St. Julian, martyr, during the persecution of Diocletian. Being the companion of the blessed tribune Ferreol, and secretly serving Christ under a military garb, he was arrested by the soldiers, and killed in a barbarous manner by having his throat cut."[14]
  8. ^ "At Salerno, the holy martyrs Fortunatus, Caius, and Anthes, beheaded under the emperor Diocletian and the proconsul Leontius."[14] Their relics were enshrined in Salerno in 940 and they were much venerated.
  9. ^ "AT Hippo Regius, in Africa, the birthday of St. Augustine, bishop and famous doctor of the Church. Converted and baptized by the blessed bishop Ambrose, he defended the Catholic faith with the greatest zeal against the Manicheans and other heretics, and after having sustained many other labors for the Church of God, he went to his reward in heaven. His relics, owing to the invasion of barbarians, were first brought from his own city into Sardinia, and afterwards taken by Luitprand, king of the Lombards, to Pavia, where they were deposited with due honors."[14]
  10. ^ Bishop of Saintes in France for some fourteen years. He is mentioned in the Life of his successor, St Vivian, and is honoured together with him.
  11. ^ He protected his people during the invasion of the Visigoths.
  12. ^ The Metropolitan was abducted by a mob incited by Nureddin Pasha on September 9 , 1922 (27 August - OS). According to eyewitness accounts, he was tied to a barber chair, cruelly tortured, and put to death. He was declared a Ethnomartyr and a Saint of the Orthodox Church by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece on 4 November 1992. His commemoration was placed on the Sunday before the Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross (i.e. September 7-13).[21]
  13. ^ "A great prodigy is related of St. Rumwold, which led to the devotion with which he was honoured after death. No sooner had the infant been bathed in the regenerating waters of baptism than he at once began to speak, and made a distinct profession of the Christian Faith. He died at Sutthun on the 3rd November, and after a few months his relics were conveyed to Brackley, where his festival was kept on the 28th August. Within three years another translation took place to Buckingham, where he was held in honour till the subversion of the Catholic religion."[22] In 2000 a complete Orthodox Christian service to Saint Rumwold was written along with a tone system (Orthodox musical system) with which to sing it which also has more general application. The service is performed on his two feast days which are November 3 (main feast) and August 28 (translation of relics). In 2005 the former church of Saint Rumwold in Lincoln which is now a college erected a plaque to celebrate the connection.


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