August 2 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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August 1 - Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar - August 3

All fixed commemorations below are observed on August 15 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.[note 1]

For August 2, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on July 20.


Pre-Schism Western saints[edit]

  • Martyr Rutilius (250)[9][note 3]
  • Saint Maximus of Padua, successor of St Prosdocimus as Bishop of Padua in Italy, Wonderworker (2nd century)[5][9]
  • Saint Auspicius, the first Bishop of Apt in France (pre-4th century)[9]
  • Saint Eusebius of Vercelli, Bishop of Vercelli in Piedmont in Italy (371)[9][note 4]
  • Saint Sidwell (Sativola), a Briton from the West of England near Exeter, she was beheaded as a martyr, by a scythe (6th century)[9]
  • Saint Boetharius (Betharius, Bethaire), Bishop of Chartres in France, he was present at the Council of Sens (623)[9]
  • Saint Etheldritha (Alfreda), daughter of King Offa of Mercia, an anchoress at Crowland in Lincolnshire in England (c. 835)[9]
  • Saint Plegmund, the tutor of King Alfred and twentieth Archbishop of Canterbury (914)[9][10][note 5]

Post-Schism Orthodox saints[edit]

New martyrs and confessors[edit]

  • New Hieromartyr Platon (Kolegov), Hieromonk, of Chasovo (Komi) (1937)[1][4][18]

Other commemorations[edit]

Icon gallery[edit]


  1. ^ The notation Old Style or (OS) is sometimes used to indicate a date in the Julian Calendar (which is used by churches on the "Old Calendar").
    The notation New Style or (NS), indicates a date in the Revised Julian calendar (which is used by churches on the "New Calendar").
  2. ^ "At Rome, in the cemetery of Callistus, the birthday of St. Stephen, pope and martyr. In the persecution of Valerian, the soldiers suddenly entered whilst he was saying Mass, but he remained before the altar and concluded the sacred mysteries with intrepidity, and was beheaded on his throne."[5]
  3. ^ "In Africa, St. Rutilius, martyr. He had frequently secured safety from the perils of persecution by flight, and sometimes even by means of money, but at last, being unexpectedly apprehended, he was led to the governor, and subjected to many tortures. Afterwards he was cast into the fire, and thus merited the glorious crown of martyrdom."[5]
  4. ^ Born in Sardinia, in 340, he became Bishop of Vercelli in Piedmont in Italy. He fought Arianism and was exiled to the East. Before returning to Italy he visited St Athanasius in Alexandria. He reposed in peace in Vercelli in 371, although he has been called a martyr on account of his sufferings.
  5. ^ Born in Cheshire (his hermitage at Plemstall, Plegmundstow, was named after him). He restored the Church in England after the Danish attacks and was a notable scholar.
  6. ^ In the village of Agios Andronikos of Yialousa in the Karpass Peninsula, there is the cave where Saint Photini the Cypriot, who in Cyprus is known as Saint Fotou, lived an ascetic life and who is one of the most beloved saints of the region. When the residents of the village discovered the cave, they declared Saint Fotou as patron saint of the village and built a church in her honor under Archbishop Chrysanthos (1767-1810), during the 18th century.
  7. ^ "The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which is based in Istanbul (Turkey) resolved, during its session of 16 January [2004] on the Canonization of Fr Alexis Medvedkov (1867 – 1934), also of Fr Dimitri Klepinine (1904-1944) of Mother Maria (Skobtsova) (1891-1945) and of their companions George (Yuri) Skobtsov (1921-1944) and Elie Fondaminskii (1880-1942), outstanding personalities of the spiritual history of the Russian emigration in France."[17]
  8. ^ Their feast day is on April 13.


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