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August Busck (February 18, 1870, Randers – March 7, 1944) was a Danish entomologist who became an American citizen.[1] Busk was an employee of the Bureau of Entomology within USDA. He is best known for his work with microlepidoptera, of which he described over 600 species. His collections of Lepidoptera from North America and the Panama Canal Zone are held by the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C


Busck authored over 150 papers of his own.Also

  • 1902 A list of the North American Lepidoptera and key to the literature of this order of insects. Harrison G. Dyar; assisted by C. H. Fernald, PH. D., the late Rev. George D. Hulst, and August Busck Bulletin (United States National Museum) ; 52. [1]
  • 1911 Descriptions of tineoid moths (Microlepidoptera) from South America Proceedings of The United States National Museum Volume 40 Issue: 1815:205--230 online
  • with Lord Walsingham Volume IV (1909–1915) Biologia Centrali-Americana.


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