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August A. Dietz, Sr.
Born October 19, 1869
Died September 26, 1963 (1963-09-27) (aged 93)
Richmond, Virginia
Nationality USA
Engineering career
Projects study of mail and postal history of the Confederate States of America.
Awards Lindenberg Medal
Luff Award
Lichtenstein Medal
A.P.S. Hall of Fame

August Dietz (October 19, 1869 – September 26, 1963) was a philatelist, editor and publisher, who specialized in the study of mail and postal history of the Confederate States of America.

Early life[edit]

Dietz was born in Prussia on October 19, 1869. He moved to Richmond, Virginia, in the United States in 1871, and began his collecting of postage stamps in 1888.

He died September 26, 1963 in Richmond, Virginia.

Philatelic career[edit]

Because he was a trained lithographer and typographer, and because he had access to some of the postal sources of the Confederate States of America, he became interested in the postage and philatelic history of the Confederate States.

Today he is regarded as the Father of Confederate Philately.

He established himself in Richmond at 900 West Clay Street, Station A, Richmond, Virginia.

Editor and Publisher[edit]

The Dietz publishing chronology:

  • 1896 – editor of the Virginia Philatelist, a monthly philatelic magazine published in Richmond.
  • 1901 – formed his own company, Dietz Printing Company
  • 1924 – commenced writing articles on Confederate philately.
  • 1924-29 – published The Southern Philatelist
  • 1929-33 – published The New South Philatelist
  • 1931 – published Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook (expanded and reissued in 1937, 1945, and 1959 – expanded and published in 1986 as Specialized Catalog of the Postage Stamps of the Confederate States of America.)
  • 1933-36 – published Stamp and Cover Collecting
  • 1937-39 – published Stamp and Cover Collectors Review
  • 1929 – published his famous The Postal Service of the Confederate States of America


Dietz was considered an expert in Confederate philately and wrote widely on the subject. Some of his studies included:

  • The engraver of the Five Cents De La Rue
  • The South's "Way of Life" - Random Notes for the Student of Confederates
  • The Confederate States Post-Office Department, its stamps & stationery


Dietz received numerous honors including:

The August Dietz Award[edit]

The August Dietz Award is named in honor of the Founding Father and first President of the Confederate Stamp Alliance (1935–1939) and is presented yearly, starting in 1962, to those who exhibit distinguished service to Confederate Philately in the field of research and writing.

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