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August Heinrich Matthiae (December 25, 1769 – January 6, 1835) was a German classical scholar.


He was born at Göttingen, and educated at the university. He then spent some years as a tutor in Amsterdam. In 1798 he returned to Germany, and in 1802 was appointed director of the Friedrichsgymnasium at Altenburg, which post he held till his death.[1] His biography was written by his son Constantin, with the title A. Matthiä in seinem Leben und Wirken, etc. (1845).[2]


Of his numerous important works the best-known are:

  • A copious Greek grammar, translated into English by V Blomfield, edited by John Kenrick (1832).
  • an edition of Euripides (9 vols., 1813–1829)
  • Grundriss der Geschichte der griechischen und römischen Litteratur (3rd ed., 1834, Eng. trans., Oxford, 1841)
  • Lehrbuch fur den ersten Unterricht in der Philosophie (3rd ed., 1833)
  • Encyklopädie und Methodologie der Philologie (1835)[1]


His brother, Friedrich Christian Matthiae (1763–1822), rector of the Frankfurt gymnasium, published editions of Seneca's Letters, Aratus, and Dionysius Periegetes.[1]


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