Auguste-Jean-Marie Vermorel

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Auguste Vermorel

Auguste-Jean-Marie Vermorel (21 June 1841 - 20 June 1871) was a French journalist.


He was born at Denicé. A radical and socialist, he was attached to the staff of the Presse (1864) and the Liberté (1866). In the latter year he was appointed editor of Le Courrier Français, and his attacks on the government in that organ led to his imprisonment. In 1869 he was editor of the Réforme, and was again imprisoned for denouncing the government.[1]

On the overthrow of the Second Empire in 1870 he was released and took an active part in the Commune. He was dangerously wounded while fighting at the barricades, taken prisoner and moved to Versailles, where he died.[1]


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