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Galápagos tortoises in Hamburg Zoo - Illustration for "Die Gartenlaube"
"Schimmel mit Zaumzeug frisst aus dem Gemüsewagen/Grey in harness feeding from vegetable cart"

August Specht (1 August 1849, Lauffen am Neckar – 1923, Stuttgart) was a German natural history painter. He was a pupil of Heinrich Läpple and Albert Kappis. In 1898 he published Specht's Tierbilder-Buch with descriptions in verse of the depicted animals. Like his brother Friedrich Specht, he also produced illustrations of animals and landscapes for a number of publications, such as Brehms Tierleben and Die Gartenlaube.

Specht's brothers were the wood engraver Carl Gottlob Specht and the animal painter and illustrator Friedrich Specht.[1]


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