Augusta Civic Center

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Not to be confused with Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia.
Augusta Civic Center
Location Augusta, Maine
Owner Augusta, Maine
Type Multi-purpose Arena
Capacity 6,777
Opened 1973

The Augusta Civic Center is a 6,777-seat multi-purpose arena, in Augusta, Maine, USA, owned by the city of Augusta. It has a total of 49,000 square feet (4,600 m2) and 26 rooms. The main room is 32,000 sq ft (3,000 m2).

It is located on Community Drive off Civic Center Drive and next to Highway I-95.

It hosts concerts and sporting events, including the high school basketball tournament sponsored by the Maine Principals' Association.

Pearl Jam performed during their No Code Tour on September 26, 1996, with The Fastbacks as their opening act. Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman attended the show and during the climax of "Alive", came onstage to offer Vedder some red wine. To the excitement of the crowd, Vedder responded by hopping on Rodman's back and riding him piggyback style across the stage while singing. Rodman later received a Walkman carved with Vedder's initials containing the concert recording and cited this as one his most thrilling experiences.[1]


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