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Augusta La Paix is a former Canadian radio personality, best known as the original host and co-creator of Brave New Waves.[1]

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia,[2] La Paix worked in Montreal as a freelance news reporter for CBC Radio and an occasional guest host of Morningside.[3] She was given Brave New Waves in 1984 after submitting a demo tape for a show on avant garde culture, featuring music by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Klaus Nomi and Nina Hagen.[4] In an early interview with The Globe and Mail, she told the newspaper that she was only a recent convert to underground music, having previously been primarily a fan of country music.[4]

She left Brave New Waves in 1985, after one season,[5] and moved on to other roles with the CBC, including stints as host of Cross Country Checkup,[6] Two New Hours,[6] Arts National[7] and Home Run, the network's local afternoon program in Montreal.[8]

She also narrated a number of documentary films in the 1980s and 1990s, including Canada's First Woman MP, Adam's World, Just Before the Dawn, When the Day Comes and Latin America: The Thirsty Cities.


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