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The Augusta Museum of History is a history museum located in Augusta, Georgia, U.S.. The museum was founded in 1937 to preserve and share the history of Augusta and its surrounding area.[1] On display are numerous artifacts, images, and dioramas that showcase the broad spectrum of Augusta’s history.

Permanent Collection[edit]

  • Augusta’s Story – This exhibit explores the 12,000-year journey of the city of Augusta, Georgia. It is composed of artifacts from the prehistoric times to James Brown, the Godfather of Soul. Artifacts include a diorama of Stallings Island culture, slave-made pottery from the antebellum era, 12-pounder bronze Napoleon Cannon tube, and an 1869 steam fire engine that shows the destruction of the 1916 fire. An interactive computer game is also a part of the exhibit. The computer game allows visitors to explore the American Revolution.[2]
  • WBBQ – This exhibit showcases one of Augusta’s most popular radio station. The most recent addition to the exhibit is the WBBQ: Then and Now section. This was installed in commemoration of the radio station’s 60th Anniversary. It shows the history and the innovation that makes WBBQ treasured by the population in Augusta. This exhibit is located in the Museum History Theater on the second floor of the museum.[2]
  • Georgia Railroad and Banking Company – This exhibit is called Into the Interior: A History of the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company. It is located in the Knox Foundation Center for the Preservation and Study of the Central Savannah River Area. The exhibit presents artifacts that recount the history of the company over a span of 153 years. Railroad maps, a locomotive bell, and stock books are just a few of the numerous objects that are located in the exhibit. The Georgia Railroad and Banking Company was amended in 1835 and is the most important company in Augusta and in the state of Georgia.[2]
  • Susan L. Still Children’s Discovery Gallery – This exhibit is completely focused to getting children interactive in history. Dr. Joseph M. Still, Jr. gave a contribution to the Augusta Museum of History that allowed this exhibit to be created. Children can do things from virtually canoeing the Savannah River to commanding a space shuttle mission.[2]
  • The Transportation Corridor – This is a showcase of the transportation that Augusta has had over the past 150 years. There is a wide variety of vehicles that are shown in this exhibit. A few vehicles are a 1900 Farm Wagon, a 1917 Steam Locomotive, and a 1952 Dodge Power Wagon. Also placed in the exhibit is a reconstructed 1930s Gas Station.[2]


  • The Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown – An exhibition of this kind has never been created before. This exhibit recounts the life of James Brown and highlights the events that led to his global fame.[3] It shows artifacts and costumes from many different decades that were worn by Brown in his performances. One of the more specific artifacts is the ‘King of Soul’ crown that he wore in the 1950s. New additions to the exhibit are the programs of the James Brown Memorial Services. These programs are from the memorial services held in New York City, Augusta, and South Carolina. Kiosks add interactive features to the exhibit for more enjoyment by the visitors.[2]
  • A Community That Heals – This exhibit explains the history of the Medical College of Georgia and chronicles the 200 years of Augusta’s medical history. The first hospital was established in 1818 and was located on the 100 block of Greene Street. This hospital was also the first place that the Medical College of Georgia was located.[2]
  • From Ty to Cal: A Century of Baseball in Augusta – This exhibit showcases the numerous professional baseball teams that Augusta has hosted over a century.[3] Many of the teams brought championship titles and contributed to the various stars in the major leagues. Augusta is the place that Ty Cobb, holder of the all-time greatest hitting record, made his start. Many others came from Augusta, including Dustin Pedroia who is now the 2nd baseman for the Boston Red Sox.[2]

Location and Information[edit]

The museum is located at 560 Reynolds Street in Downtown Augusta. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Sunday, it is open from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is closed every Monday and on holidays.[4]


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