Auguste François Marie Glaziou

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Auguste François Marie Glaziou (30 August 1828 – 30 March 1906) was a French landscape designer and botanist born in Lannion, Brittany.

Auguste François Marie Glaziou

As a student in Paris, he earned a degree in civil engineering and took classes at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle. In 1858 at the request of Emperor Dom Pedro II, he relocated to Rio de Janeiro as director of parks and gardens.

In Brazil, Glaziou was responsible for landscape design at several sites, including the gardens at Quinta da Boa Vista, the residence of Brazilian royalty for much of the 19th century. During his tenure in Brazil he also participated in widespread plant collecting. In 1897 he returned to France and settled in Bordeaux, where he worked on his personal herbarium.

The genus Neoglaziovia and numerous botanical species are named after him. With Antoine Laurent Apollinaire Fée (1789-1874), he was co-author of the two-volume Cryptogames vasculaire (Fougères, lycopodiacées, hydroptéridées, équisétacées) du Brésil (1869-1873).


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