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Auguste Alfred Lucien Lameere (12 June 1862 – 6 May 1942) was a Belgian entomologist.

He was born in Ixelles. He was a professor and dean (1906–1907) of the faculty of sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. An active member of the Royal Belgian Entomological Society, he was the author of numerous articles, notable on Coleoptera and the famous Manuel de la Faune de Belgique which had a great influence on the entomologists of his country.


Partial list

  • 1902. Revision des Prionides (Quatrième mémoire – Sténodontines)Annalles de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 9: 63-110.
  • 1903. Révision des Prionides (Sixième mémoire – Basitoxus). Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 47: 213-224.
  • 1912. Révision des prionides (Vingt-deuxième mémoire – Addenda et Corrigenda)Mémoires de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 21: 113-188.
  • 1913. Coleopterorum Catalogus, pars. 52, Cerambycidae. Prioninae. Berlin, W. Junk, 108 p.
  • 1919. Genera Insectorum, Coleoptera, Fam. Cerambycidae, Subfam. Prioninae.Bruxelles, P. Wytsman, v. 172, 189 p