Auguste Maure

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Auguste Maure
Auguste Maure, 1905
Born December 4, 1840
Died March 3, 1907
Nationality French
Other names Joseph Augustin Maure
Occupation Photographer
Known for Photographs of landscapes and people from South Algeria

Auguste Maure (Marseille, 1840 - Biskra, 1907) is a French 19th-century photographer.

The "Photographie Saharienne" studio[edit]

Auguste Maure was an orientalist photographer that lived in Biskra (Algeria) from 1855 to 1907. He created the "Photographie Saharienne" studio in 1860 : the very first photography studio in south Algeria. Biskra is the queen of oases, a place where many artists (writers, painters and photographers) came in the 19th century to meet the particular climate, luminosity and landscapes of Sahara desert.

A. Maure studio- "Photographie Saharienne" - Biskra - circ. 1870

Photographic production[edit]

Auguste Maure was active from 1860 to 1907 and took many photographs of landscapes and cities of south Algeria (El Kantara, Sidi Okba, Chetma, Tilatou, Tolga, Touggourt ...).

The members of the Ouled Naïl tribe, Berber dancers wearing incomparable costumes and covered by jewels, are often represented on Maure photographs very appreciated by the tourists.

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