Augustin Friedrich Walther

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Augustin Friedrich Walther
Aug Fried Walther.jpg
Born26 October 1688
Died12 October 1746 (aged 58)
Scientific career
Notable studentsChristian Gottlieb Ludwig
Waltheria indica (habit near wetland). Location: Maui, Kanaha Beach

Augustin Friedrich Walther (26 October 1688 – 12 October 1746) was a German anatomist[1][2], botanist and physician who was a native of Wittenberg. He was the son of theologian Michael Walther the Younger (1638–1692).

In 1712 he earned his degree of philosophy from the University of Wittenberg, and in the following year received his medical doctorate from the University of Leipzig. At Leipzig he became a professor of anatomy (1728), pathology (1732) and therapy (1737). In 1730 he became director of the Leipzig Botanical Gardens, and in 1737 was rector at the university.

Among his numerous writings was a 1735 botanical treatise called Designatio plantarum quas hortus AF Waltheri complectitur, in which he provides descriptions of thousands of plant species from his private botanical garden. As a physician he made contributions in the fields of myology and angiology, and has several medical and anatomical terms named after him, including:

The plant genus Waltheria from the family Sterculiaceae is named after him.

Illustration from critique of Partus monstruosi published in Acta Eruditorum, 1732
Illustration from Supplementum tractationis de articulis, ligamentis, ... published in Acta Eruditorum, 1732


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