Augustine College

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Augustine College
Motto faith seeking understanding creedo ut intelligam
Type Alternative, Christian, 1-Year Liberal Arts College
Established 1997
Endowment small, private, unincorporated, not-for-profit college that operates without government support
President Dr. John Patrick
Dean Andrew Bennett
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 10 to 22
Undergraduates university, and continuing education students
Location 163 Fifth Avenue
, Ontario, Canada
K1S 2M8
Campus urban 2 Monk Street @ Fifth Avenue, Ottawa

Augustine College is a deliberately small, unaccredited, unincorporated, private, alternative, non-denominational Christian, one-year liberal arts college in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In 2014, the college surrendered its corporate charter for financial reasons, however it intends to continue operation on an unincorporated basis.[1]


Augustine College is a program of study in two parts (most students enroll in both): four months of instruction in the thought of the Ancient World up to 1500 (Philosophy, Art, Literature, Music, Science, Logic, and the Scriptures, plus study of Latin), a sound introduction to the tradition of thought that for centuries Christians were educated in, followed by four months of instruction in the further development of this thought and the challenges posed to it in the Modern World (the same subjects are continued in the second 'term'). The objective is to give all those enrolled a chronological immersion in the solid substance of the Christian worldview, and the cogent reasons for which it is not undermined by the challenges of modernity. Students routinely consider it a profound and memorable experience that seriously deepens their sense of what it means to be a Christian.

The college has retained its independence from official accreditation (in Canada, governed by the provinces) but its courses have been reviewed and recognized by, for instance, the University of Chicago, which granted virtually credit to students transferring from Augustine College. Though program has been called by some as a 'preparatory year' between high school and university, the level of instruction has made it highly significant to many students who have gone through the program after acquiring a university degree.

In 2016, tuition was $4,250 per each of the two 4-month programs; residence costs per program were $2,500, covering courses, residency, and two meals a week.[2]


The faculty is composed of Christian academics from a variety of denominational backgrounds, some of whom teach gratis, others teaching for a modest stipend, keeping the overall cost of the program down.


Out-of-town students are expected to live in residence space at the college with the support of a designated resident advisor, and additional rental accommodation in the area. The residences are not co-ed. Students are responsible for their own cooking in a fully equipped kitchen.


The college operates out of a classroom located in the Ecclesiax Church in Ottawa's Glebe district.[1]

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