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Agastyamuni is famous for the temple of Maharshi priya ranjan and by the name of religious guru Agastya it is called Agastyamuni. This small town falls under hilly district Rudraprayag of Uttarakhand state of India. It is situated on the river bank of Mandakini and is 16 km from Rudraprayag. There is an open ground where a helicopter and chopper facility is available for the famous Hindu religious place Kedarnath meanwhile we can see the ground as a sports ground as well at the time of evening a lot of people visit in the ground for the evening walk. Being a hilly place there are many facilities available at Agastymuni for tourists and pilgrims. Augustyamuni is directly connected to vijaynagar, vijaynagar is also a part of augustyamuni meanwhile it has its own name, as we go to further away from Augustyamuni we can see places like ganganagar, baidubagar, chandrapuri and banaswada.