Augusto Ibáñez Sacristán

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Titín III
Titin iii.jpg
Titín III falling to the floor after hitting the ball on a professional game.
Full name Augusto Ibáñez Sacristán
Born (1969-01-13) 13 January 1969 (age 49)
Tricio, La Rioja
Country Spain
Province La Rioja
Height 1,80 m
Weight 86 kg
Debut date September 13, 1992
Debut fronton Barberito I fronton (Baños de Río Tobía, La Rioja)
Categories Hand-pelota
Position Forward
Management ASPE
1st Hand-Pelota doubles championship 1994, 2000, 2004, 2012
Cuatro y Medio
Cuatro y Medio 2007

Augusto Ibáñez Sacristán is a Basque pelota forward player. Champion of the Doubles Hand-pelota tournaments of 1994, 2000,2004 and 2012.

Professional career[edit]

Titín III made his professional debut on September 13, 1992 on the Barberito I fronton, from Baños de Río Tobía, losing the game along with Maiz II to Bengoetxea IV and Berna for a final score of 22-21.[1] In 1994 along with Arretxe won his first Doubles Hand-pelota Championship, and repeated the title again in 2000 and 2004 with different partners on the defense. On December 2, 2007 won the Cuatro y Medio championship after defeating Abel Barriola in the final for 22-15 on the Ogueta fronton in Vitoria.[2] On February 10, 2008 a sculpture of his hand along with a gigantography of him on the hitting wall were inaugurated on Adarraga fronton in Logroño.[3] On March 30, 2008 loss the final of the doubles championship along with Laskurain, to Olaizola II and Mendizábal II for 22-17.

Personal life[edit]

Titín III's nephew Víctor López is a footballer.[4]

Cuatro y Medio Championship finals[edit]

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
1997 Retegi II Titín III 22-21 Ogueta
2003 Nagore Titín III 22-15 Ogueta
2007 Titín III Barriola 22-15 Ogueta

Hand-pelota doubles championship finals[edit]

Year Champions Subchampions Score Fronton
1992-93 (1) Alustiza - Maiz II Titín III - Arretxe 22-20 Ogueta
1993-94 Titín III - Arretxe Retegi II - Beloki 22-14 Ogueta
2000 Titín III - Lasa III Unanue - Errasti 22-19 Ogueta
2004 Titín III - Goñi III Martínez de Irujo - Lasa III 22-8 Atano III
2008 Olaizola II - Mendizábal II Titín III - Laskurain 22-17 Ogueta


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