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Johann Albrecht Friedrich August Meineke

Johann Albrecht Friedrich August Meineke (also Augustus Meineke; German: [ˈmaɪnəkə]; December 8, 1790 – December 12, 1870), German classical scholar, was born at Soest in the Duchy of Westphalia.

After holding educational posts at Jenkau and Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland), he was director of the Joachimsthal Gymnasium in Berlin from 1826 to 1856. He died at Berlin on 12 December 1870. He was distinguished in conjectural criticism, the comic writers and Alexandrine poets being his favourite authors.

His most important works are:

See monographs by F. Ranke (1871), H. Sauppe (1872) and E. Förstemann in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, XXI. (1885); also Sandys, Hist. Class. Schol. (1908), iii. 117.