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Augustyn Bloch (13 August 1929 in Grudziądz – 6 April 2006 in Warsaw) was a Polish composer and organist, student of Feliks Rączkowski and Tadeusz Szeligowski. He was an active concert organist, conducted his own music, and wrote music for the Polish Radio Theater.

Selected works[edit]

  • Piano variations Karol Szymanowski in memoriam (1953)
  • Concertino for violin solo, string orchestra, piano, and percussion (1958)
  • Meditations for soprano solo, organs, and percussion (1961)
  • Oczekiwanie (Waiting), a ballet (1963)
  • Dialogi per biolino et orchestra (1969)
  • Gilgamesh (1969)
  • Enfiando (1970)
  • Warstwy czasu (Layers of Time) for 15 string instruments (1978)
  • Anenaiki (1979)

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