Auke Bay, Juneau

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Aerial view shows Auke Bay (including the harbor and Auke Lake) in the foreground. The Mendenhall Peninsula extends to the right behind the community. The lower Mendenhall Valley, Juneau International Airport and Douglas Island are in the background.

Auke Bay is an unincorporated community located in the city and borough of Juneau, Alaska that contains Auke Bay Harbor, Auke Lake, the University of Alaska Southeast, a former branch office of NOAA, an elementary school, a church, a post office, a bar, a coffee shop, a waffle house, a thrift shop, a Thai restaurant, and one convenience store. The view of the Mendenhall Glacier behind Auke Bay and Mount McGinnis towering over Auke Lake are some of the most popular photo opportunities in Juneau. The ferry terminal of the Alaska Marine Highway system is also located further out the road in Auke Bay at about 14 mile. The flamingo house on Auke Lake is a local attraction, known for its topical or weather-related formations of pink lawn flamingos. Whale watchings targeting curious humpbacks are available. Humpbacks in these areas are known to demonstrate special feeding methods, so-called 'Bubble-net feeding', and come very close to shores.

The Coast Guard cutter Liberty is homeported at the Auke Bay Harbor.[1]


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