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Auld is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Alex Auld (born 1981), Canadian hockey player
  • Andrew Auld (1799–1873), Scottish ship's carpenter in Hawaii
  • Andy Auld (1900–1977), Scottish-American soccer player
  • Bertie Auld (born 1938), Scottish football player and manager
  • Cathy Auld, Canadian curler
  • Doug Auld (born 1962), American editor and publisher of Sprint Car & Midget Magazine
  • Eric Auld (1931–2013), Scottish painter
  • F. H. Auld (1881–1961), Canadian agricultural scientist and Saskatchewan's Deputy Minister of Agriculture
  • Georgie Auld (1919–1990), Canadian-American jazz tenor saxophonist, clarinetist and bandleader
  • James Auld (disambiguation), multiple people, including:
  • Jim Auld, New Zealand rugby league player
  • John Allan Auld (1853–1924), Canadian newspaper owner and politician
  • Patrick Auld, Australian winemaker, father of W. P. Auld
  • Robin Auld (born 1937), judge in the English Court of Appeal
  • Robin Auld (musician) (born 1959), South African singer-songwriter, guitarist, poet and writer
  • W. P. Auld (1840–1912), Australian explorer, wine maker and merchant
  • William Auld (1924–2006), Scottish author and Esperanto leader

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