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Aurea, Golden in Latin, may refer to:

and also :

  • Aurea Alexandrina, a kind of opiate or antidote, in great fame among ancient writers
  • Aurea flamma, the Oriflamme (Latin "golden flame"), the battle standard of the King of France
  • Dioscuri Aurea Saecula, the first demotape of the Italian National Socialist black metal band Cain
  • Domus Aurea (Latin, "Golden House"), a large landscaped portico villa, designed to take advantage of artificially created landscapes built in the heart of Ancient Rome by the Emperor Nero after the Great Fire of Rome (64 AD) cleared away the aristocratic dwellings on the slopes of the Esquiline Hill
  • Legenda Aurea, the Golden Legend, a collection of fanciful hagiographies by Jacobus de Voragine that became a late medieval bestseller
  • Lei Áurea, the Golden Law, a law adopted in 1888 that abolished slavery in Brazil


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