Aurealis Award for best children's fiction

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Aurealis Award for best children's fiction
A gold colored circle with the words "aurealis awards" across the middle, and "winner" situated in the lower portion. In the top portion is a smaller black and white circle with various curving lines and a shape of an eye in the middle
The Aurealis Award design is often placed on the winning book's cover as a promotional tool.[1]
Awarded for Excellence in children's speculative fiction
Country Australia
Presented by Chimaera Publications,
First awarded 2013 (merging two previous categories)
Currently held by Kim Kane
Website Official site

The Aurealis Awards are presented annually by the Australia-based Chimaera Publications and WASFF to published works in order to "recognise the achievements of Australian science fiction, fantasy, horror writers".[2] To qualify, a work must have been first published by an Australian citizen or permanent resident between 1 January and 31 December of the corresponding year;[3] the presentation ceremony is held the following year. It has grown from a small function of around 20 people to a two-day event attended by over 200 people.[4]

Since their creation in 1995, awards have been given in various categories of speculative fiction. Categories currently include science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative young adult fiction—with separate awards for novels and short fiction—collections, anthologies, illustrative works or graphic novels, children's books, and an award for excellence in speculative fiction.[2] The awards have attracted the attention of publishers by setting down a benchmark in science fiction and fantasy. The continued sponsorship by publishers such as HarperCollins and Orbit has identified the award as an honour to be taken seriously.[5]

The results are decided by a panel of judges from a list of submitted nominees; the long-list of nominees is reduced to a short-list of finalists.[2] Ties can occur if the panel decides both entries show equal merit, however they are encouraged to choose a single winner.[6] The judges may declare a "no award" if there is unanimous agreement that none of the nominees are worthy.[6] The judges are selected from a public application process by the Award's management team.[7]

This article lists all the short-list nominees and winners in the best children's fiction category which replaces the following two previous categories for children's fiction:

In 2013, this award was known as the Aurealis Award for best children's book.

Winners and nominees[edit]

In the following table, the years correspond to the year of the work's eligibility; the ceremonies are always held the following year. Each year links to the corresponding "year in literature" article. Entries with a blue background have won the award; those with a white background are the nominees on the short-list. If the work was originally published in a book with other stories rather than by itself or in a magazine, the book title is included after the publisher's name.

  *   Winners and joint winners
  *   Nominees on the shortlist

Year Author(s) Work(s) Publisher Ref
2013 Murray, KirstyKirsty Murray* The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie Allen & Unwin [8][9]
2013 Carmody, IsobelleIsobelle Carmody Kingdom of the Lost, book 2: Cloud Road Penguin Books Australia [8]
2013 French, JackieJackie French Refuge HarperCollins [8]
2013 Hunt, JulieJulie Hunt Song for a scarlet runner Allen & Unwin [8]
2013 Tan, ShaunShaun Tan Rules of Summer Hachette Australia [8]
2013 Tanner, LianLian Tanner Icebreaker: The Hidden 1 Allen & Unwin [8]
2014 Wilkinson, CaroleCarole Wilkinson* Shadow Sister: Dragonkeeper 5 Black Dog Books [10]
2014 Flanagan, JohnJohn Flanagan Slaves of Socorro: Brotherband 4 Random House Australia [11]
2014 Foxlee, KarenKaren Foxlee Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy Hot Key Books [11]
2014 Jorgensen, NormanNorman Jorgensen & James Foley The Last Viking Returns Fremantle Press [11]
2014 Rossell, JudithJudith Rossell Withering-by-Sea ABC Books [11]
2014 Tanner, LianLian Tanner Sunker's Deep Allen & Unwin [11]
2015 McKinlay, MegMeg McKinlay* A Single Stone Walker Books Australia [12]
2015 Banks, AngelicaAngelica Banks A Week Without Tuesday Allen & Unwin [13]
2015 Heath, JackJack Heath The Cut-Out Allen & Unwin [13]
2015 McKinlay, MegMeg McKinlay Bella and the Wandering House Fremantle Press [13]
2015 Tait, A. L.A. L. Tait The Mapmaker Chronicles: Prisoner of the Black Hawk Hachette Australia [13]
2016 Kane, KimKim Kane* When the Lyrebird Calls Allen & Unwin [14][15]
2016 Banks, AngelicaAngelica Banks Blueberry Pancakes Forever Allen & Unwin [14]
2016 Battersby, LeeLee Battersby Magrit Walker Books Australia [14]
2016 Crisp, CalebCaleb Crisp Somebody Stop Ivy Pocket Bloomsbury [14]
2016 Elliott, MickMick Elliott The Turners Hachette Australia [14]
2016 Rodda, EmilyEmily Rodda The Hungry Isle Omnibus Books [14]


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