Aurel Popovici

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Map of the United States of Greater Austria , proposed by Popovici in 1906
Aurel Constantin Popovici

Aurel C. Popovici (16 October 1863 Lugoj, Banat, Austrian Empire – 9 February 1917 Geneva, Switzerland) was an ethnic Romanian Austro-Hungarian lawyer and politician. Together with other Romanian intellectuals of the National Romanian Party, in 1892 he signed the Transylvanian Memorandum, a document pleading for equal rights with Hungarians in Transylvania, and demanding an end to persecutions and Magyarization attempts.

In 1906 he proposed the federalization of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy into the so-called United States of Greater Austria.

He is buried in the cemetery next to St. Nicholas Church in Braşov.

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