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Aureus Sciences

Life Sciences

Pharmacokinetic modelling & simulation
Founded Paris, France (2000)

Aureus Sciences (founded as Aureus Pharma) was a research-based company which sold software to the pharmaceutical industry for drug development.

The company's range of products included therapeutic target knowledgebases, ADME-based databases and software applications.

Aureus Sciences was formerly known as Aureus Pharma.[1] In January 2013, Aureus Sciences was acquired by Elsevier.[2]


Aureus' software applications allow in silico prediction of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) and potential drug-drug interactions.

  • Knowledgebases : AurSCOPE Kinases, GPCR, Ion Channels, Proteases, Nuclear Receptors, ADME.[3]
  • Applications : AurQUEST, DDI Predict, AurPROFILER, AurPASS.[4]

The scientific background to Aureus' process is detailed in recent publications.[5][6]


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