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The gens Auria was a Roman family at Larinum in southern Italy, known chiefly from Cicero's oration, Pro Cluentio.[1][2]


The Aurii are known to have used the praenomina Marcus, Numerius, Aulus, and Gaius.[3]

Branches and cognomina of the gens[edit]

The only cognomen associated with this family is Melinus.[4]

Members of the gens[edit]

This list includes abbreviated praenomina. For an explanation of this practice, see filiation.
  • Marcus Aurius, taken prisoner at the Battle of Asculum during the Social War, in 89 B.C., and subsequently murdered by Statius Albius Oppianicus.[5]
  • Numerius Aurius, predeceased his brother, Marcus.[6]
  • Auria, wife of Gaius Albius Oppianicus, murdered, together with her husband, by his brother, Statius.[7]
  • Aulus Aurius Melinus, threatened to prosecute Oppianicus, but later proscribed and put to death by him.[8]
  • Gaius Aurius A. f., proscribed and put to death by Oppianicus.[9]
  • Auria A. f., daughter-in-law of Oppianicus.[10]

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