Aurora (given name)

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Gender Female
Word/name Latin Indian
Meaning Dawn
Other names
Related names Aurore, Rory, Arora

Aurora is a female given name, originating from the name of the ancient Roman goddess of dawn Aurora.[1]

Russian name[edit]

The variant used in the Russian language is "Авро́ра" (Avrora).[1] While in use before the 20th century, it became more common after the Russian Revolution of 1917, due to the role cruiser Aurora played in the events.[1] In 1924–1930, the name was included into various Soviet calendars,[2] which included the new and often artificially created names promoting the new Soviet realities and encouraging the break with the tradition of using the names in the Synodal Menologia.[3] Diminutives of this name include "Авро́рка" (Avrorka), "А́ва" (Ava), "А́ра" (Ara), and "Ро́ра" (Rora).[1]

Indian name[edit]

The name Aurora or Arora is also used by the Khatri community of West Pakistan as a surname, the name has an Indo-Greek origin of the name aurora. It can be written the same as Aurora or Arora in family surnames or given girlnames. [4]

People with this name[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]



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