Aurora Alternative High School (Indiana)

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Aurora Alternative High School
Aurora alternative high school logo.jpg
Bloomington, Indiana
United States
Coordinates 39°10′15″N 86°32′26″W / 39.17083°N 86.54056°W / 39.17083; -86.54056Coordinates: 39°10′15″N 86°32′26″W / 39.17083°N 86.54056°W / 39.17083; -86.54056
Type Alternative school
Motto A Positive Alternative
Established 1995
Closed 2010
Locale Mid-size city
Principal Chuck Holloway
Grades 9-12
Number of students ~75 (As of 2nd trimester)
School color(s) Navy Blue, Forest Green and White
Mascot none
Snapshot AUR[permanent dead link]

Aurora Alternative High School was a high school in Bloomington, Indiana (United States).

The Bloomington Graduation School replaced the Aurora Alternative School shortly after it closed. The overlap in services and population essentially amounted to the closing of Aurora and opening of the Graduation School as a rebranding of Aurora, yet with large changes and relocation to a different building.

Aurora Alternative High School was for kids who were not successful in traditional schools or just wanted a fresh start in school life. It was also a school of choice, so a student did not have to go there, and students could choose to drop out of the school if it didn't suit their needs. It only accepted students at the end of every Trimester (in November, February and May).

On September 7, 2009, the enrollment to the start of the 2009-2010 school year was 80.

Aurora was later closed down in 2010 in the case of price cuts.