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For the Canadian science fiction awards, see Prix Aurora Awards.
Aurora Awards
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The Aurora Awards is an international and independent film and video competition.[1] The Aurora Awards focus on films and videos that are of regional or niche market interest, such as non-national television advertisements and sponsored entertainment.[2] The awards are not associated with any film festival.[3] The name of the competition comes from the astronomical phenomenon known as an aurora.[4]


At the 2012 competition, Michael M. Miller's documentary film At Home in Russia, at Home on the Prairie was named Platinum Best in Show in the Historical category.[5] In 2002, Sunshine Network (now called Sun Sports) won three Aurora Awards.[6] As of June 2007, Four Directions Productions had won three Aurora Awards.[7] As of June 2008, Brant Wells had won two Aurora Awards.[8] As of January 2013, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program had won four Aurora Awards.[9] Cal and Victoria Lewin won an Aurora Award for one of their films.[10] Winners receive an Aurora Award statue made by New York firm, Society Awards.


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