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Aurora Boulevard
Calle Quezon
San Juan Road
Marikina-Ermita Avenue
Highway 55
The route of Aurora Boulevard in Metro Manila. Aurora Boulevard is highlighted in red.
Aurora Boulevard in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Route information
  • R-6 R-6
  • N59 (from Quezon City-Marikina boundary to EDSA)
  • N180 (from EDSA to Araneta Avenue)
Major junctions
West end Magsaysay Boulevard and Gregorio Araneta Avenue
East end A. Bonifacio Avenue and Marikina-Infanta Highway in Quezon City-Marikina boundary
Major cities Quezon City, San Juan
Highway system

Roads in the Philippines

Aurora Boulevard is a 4–10 lane highway in Quezon City and San Juan in Metro Manila, Philippines. It was named after Doña Aurora Quezon, the consort of Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon. It is one of the major roads in the commercial district of Araneta Center in Cubao. The LRT Line 2 runs over the road.

Route description[edit]

Eastbound lane of Aurora Boulevard in northern San Juan
Westbound lane of Aurora Boulevard, at its intersection with Balete Drive in New Manila, Quezon City.

Aurora Boulevard is divided into two routes, the Araneta Avenue to EDSA, and EDSA to Katipunan Avenue/C-5. Most of the road is a 4-lane dual carriageway, with the LRT-2 having six stations above ground, while one (the Katipunan Station) is located underground.

Aurora Boulevard starts as a physical extension of Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard past Araneta Avenue near the Manila-Quezon City boundary. It then enters San Juan and forms part of its northern boundaries. It then enters New Manila, Quezon City, crossing Ermitaño Creek near Broadway Centrum. It then intersects Gilmore Avenue, Balete Drive, and E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, before it comes to EDSA.

Past EDSA, it passes near Araneta Center in Cubao. The road continues eastward through barangays Silangan, Quirino 3-A and Duyan-Duyan, until it ends at Katipunan Avenue (C-5) near the Quezon City-Marikina boundary. Aurora Boulevard continues eastward to Cainta and Antipolo in Rizal as Marcos Highway.


Province City/Municipality km[1] mi Destinations Notes
Quezon City N130 (Gregorio Araneta Avenue) Traffic light intersection. Continues westward to Santa Mesa as Magsaysay Boulevard
Guirayan Street Westbound only
San Juan River Lambingan Bridge
Quezon City - San Juan boundary
San Juan A. Luna Street Unsignaled intersection
F. Roman Street Unsignaled intersection
A. Lake Street Unsignaled intersection
H. Lozada Street Traffic light intersection.
J. Ruiz Street Unsignaled intersection.
G. Reyes Street Unsignaled intersection
A. Juan Street Unsignaled intersection
Alicia Street Westbound only
R. Lagmay Street Unsignaled intersection
Lourdes Drive Eastbound only
Grey Street Westbound only
C. Ruiz Street. Eastbound only. Access westbound via U-turn slot.
F. Santos Street. Eastbound only.
Ermitaño Creek Ermitaño Bridge
San Juan - Quezon City boundary
Quezon City Madison Street Westbound only.
Broadway Avenue / Valencia Street Traffic light intersection. Access to Broadway Centrum.
N184 (Gilmore Avenue) Traffic light intersection. Access to Greenhills Shopping Center and St. Paul University.
Doña Hemady Street Traffic light intersection.
Robinsons Magnolia Access Road Eastbound only. Access to Robinsons Magnolia.
Balete Drive Traffic light intersection.
Manggahan Street Unsignaled intersection.
Betty Go-Belmonte Street Unsignaled intersection.
Boston Street Unsignaled intersection.
Seattle Street Traffic light intersection.
Monte de Piedad Street Unsignaled intersection.
N. Domingo Street Eastbound only. Unsignaled intersection.
Lantana Street Westbound only.
P.A. Bernardo Street Eastbound only.
Driod Street Eastbound only.
West end of E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue Interchange
Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Avenue No eastbound access.
C. Benitez Street Eastbound only.
Felix Manalo Street Westbound only.
Pinatubo Street Eastbound only.
East end of E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue Interchange
Sgt. J. Catolos Street Westbound only.
N1 (EDSA) Traffic light intersection.
General Santos Street Eastbound only. Access to Araneta Center.
General Araneta Street / Annapolis Street Unsignaled intersection. Access to Araneta Center.
St. Mary Street Westbound only.
Westpoint Street Westbound only.
General Aguinaldo Avenue / Imperial Street Traffic light intersection. Access to Araneta Center.
Times Square Avenue / Cambridge Street Traffic light intersection.
Oxford Street Westbound only.
General Romulo Avenue / Yale Street Traffic light intersection. Gen. Romulo Avenue leads to Araneta Center.
Stanford Street Eastbound/westbound access only. Access from opposite directions via U-turn slots.
Harvard Street Unsignaled intersection.
15th Avenue Traffic light intersection.
Miami Street Westbound only.
Albany Street Westbound only.
Notre Dame Street Westbound only.
La Salle Street Westbound only.
Illinois Street Westbound only.
20th Avenue Eastbound only. Traffic light intersection.
Pittsburgh Street Westbound only.
Potsdam Street Westbound only.
Ermin Garcia Street Westbound only.
Brgy. Mangga Street Eastbound only.
Anonas Street Westbound only. Traffic light intersection.
Dapdap Street Westbound only.
F. Castillo Street Eastbound only. Traffic light intersection.
Lauan Street Westbound only.
Supa Street / J.P. Rizal Street Traffic light intersection. No traffic lights to and from Supa Street.
P. Burgos Street Eastbound only.
Batino Street Westbound only.
Emerald Street Eastbound only. Access to Villa Aurora.
N11 (C.P. Garcia Avenue) Traffic light intersection. Continues eastward to Antipolo as Marikina-Infanta Highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


A road from Katipunan Avenue to EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue), called Calle Quezon, was built in 1900. The section from EDSA to Gilmore Avenue had been renamed San Juan Road or Highway 55. In 1910 the Boulevard was extended to Infanta, Quezon as the Marikina Infanta Highway. The portion from Gilmore to Dewey Boulevard, named Marikina-Ermita Avenue in 1955, was later reclaimed as Legarda Street, Recto Avenue and Magsaysay Boulevard.

The western terminus was extended to Gregorio Araneta Avenue and the highway was renamed Aurora Boulevard in 1963 to honor former First Lady Aurora Quezon, the assassinated consort of President Manuel Quezon. Magnolia Ice Cream House ice cream parlour and factory,[2] was located at the corner of Aurora boulevard and Hemady street (now occupied by Robinsons Magnolia).[3]

Public Transportation[edit]

Aurora Boulevard is served by jeepneys, mostly running routes from Manila up to Cubao. The LRT-2 runs above and below the boulevard, with 7 stations, namely J. Ruiz, Gilmore, Betty Go-Belmonte, Araneta Center-Cubao, Anonas and Katipunan.


Shopping malls[edit]

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Educational institutions[edit]

St. Paul University Quezon City

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