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Aurora Energy Limited
Formerly called
Dunedin Electricity Limited (1990-2003)
Industry Energy
Predecessor Waipori Falls Hydroelectric Company Ltd [1]
Founded June 26, 1990 (1990-06-26) in Dunedin, New Zealand[2]
Headquarters Dunedin, New Zealand
Key people
Grady Cameron (CEO)
Ian Parton (Chairman)
Revenue Increase $99.5 Million[3] (2015)
Increase $8.1 Million (2015)
Total assets Increase $413.9 Million
Total equity Increase$182.55 Million (2015)
Owner Dunedin City Council
Parent Dunedin City Holdings Limited[4]

Aurora Energy is an electricity distribution company in Otago, New Zealand. Aurora Energy is owned by Dunedin City Holdings Limited on behalf on the Dunedin City Council.[5]

Aurora Energy is New Zealand's sixth largest electricity distributor. Over 85,000 premises in Dunedin and Central Otago receive power from Aurora Energy.[6]

All Aurora assets are managed by Delta Utility Services Ltd.[5]

Distribution network[edit]

Aurora Energy's distribution network is supplied from Transpower's national grid at five grid exit points (GXPs): Halfway Bush and South Dunedin for the Duendin network, and Clyde, Cromwell and Frankton for the Central Otago network. Most of the network's subtransmission is at 33,000 volts with the major exception of the lines feeding Wanaka from Cromwell GXP, which operate at 66,000 volts. Distribution is at 6600 volts in the Dunedin urban area and the Clyde area, and at 11,000 volts elsewhere.

Aurora Energy network statistics as of 31 March 2015[7]
Parameter Value
Dunedin Central Otago Total
Total system length 2,347 km 3,461 km 5,815 km
66 kV 109 km 109 km
33 kV 220 km 275 km 495 km
6.6/11 kV 1,043 km 2,230 km 3,275 km
Single wire earth return (SWER) 9 km 9 km
Low voltage (230/400 V) 1,075 km 846 km 1,926 km
Street lighting 150 km 69 km 220 km
Customer connections 54,277 30,656 85,007
System maximum demand 195 MW 102 MW 286 MW
System electricity delivered 862 GWh 485 GWh 1,347 GWh

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