Aurora SPARC Linux

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Aurora SPARC Linux
Developer Aurora SPARC Linux Project
OS family Unix-like
Working state Abandoned. Superseded by Fedora SPARC[1]
Source model Open source
Latest release Build 2.0 (FC3) / April 14, 2006
Update method Yum
Package manager RPM Package Manager
Platforms SPARC
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
Default user interface GNOME
License Various
Official website (from

Aurora SPARC Linux is an operating system, based on Fedora Core, for SPARC-based computers. Aurora was originally created after Red Hat dropped support for the SPARC architecture after Red Hat Linux 6.2.

The name derives from the internal Sun codename for the SPARCStation 5 chassis.

Since Aurora is derived from Fedora, and most of its developers are located in the US, it only maintains packages legally distributable in the United States.


  • Aurora contains special utilities that are specific to the SPARC hardware line, such as audioctl, lssbus, silo.
  • While SPARC has supported 64-bit processing since the ULTRA series, the SPARC distribution uses a 32-bit kernel.

Version history[edit]

Like Fedora (and Red Hat Linux before that), Aurora names all of its releases.

Version Name Date
Build 0.1 ? 2001-11-05
Build 1.0 (stable, based on Red Hat Linux 7.3) Ansel 2003-01-19
Build 1.91 Wombat 2004-05-29
Build 1.92 Tangerine 2004-11-20
Build 2.0 (stable, based on Fedora Core 3) Kashmir 2006-04-14

Repositories of extra software[edit]

Like Fedora Core, Aurora only includes a core set of packages. For downloading and installing programs or codecs not distributed with Aurora, there are several repositories available.

Official repositories[edit]

Currently only Aurora Extras has an official status. This repository supports the currently released version of Aurora SPARC Linux Build 2.0. Aurora Extras is maintained by a group of volunteers. As a link to Extras is currently included in the base distribution, no extra configuration is required to enable it.

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