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Aurora Teagarden
Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora Teagarden.jpg
Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora Teagarden
First appearanceReal Murders
Last appearanceSleep Like a Baby
Created byCharlaine Harris
Portrayed byCandace Cameron Bure

Aurora Teagarden is a fictional character created by author Charlaine Harris. She is the protagonist of a series of eleven crime novels written from 1990 to 2017. In 2014, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries began broadcasting adaptations of the novels as an original film series entitled The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, as part of their 'Mystery Wheel' umbrella series[1] with Candace Cameron Bure in the title role.

In the first book of the series, twenty-eight-year-old Aurora (Roe) Teagarden is a professional librarian and belongs to the Real Murders club, a group of 12 enthusiasts who gather monthly to study famous baffling or unsolved crimes in the town of Lawrenceton, Georgia.

Aurora Teagarden book series[edit]

  1. Real Murders (1990)[2]
  2. A Bone to Pick (1992)[3]
  3. Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (1994)[4]
  4. The Julius House (1995)[5]
  5. Dead over Heels (1996)[6]
  6. "Deeply Dead" in Murder, They Wrote (1997)[7]
  7. A Fool and His Honey (1999)[8]
  8. Last Scene Alive (2002)[9]
  9. Poppy Done to Death (2003)[10]
  10. All the Little Liars (2016) [11]
  11. Sleep Like a Baby (2017) [12]

TV adaptation[edit]

On June 4, 2014, author Charlaine Harris announced on her Facebook page that the Aurora Teagarden books would be adapted into a series of two-hour films, starring Candace Cameron Bure[13] and would air on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel.[1][14]

Main cast[edit]

  • Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora 'Roe' Teagarden, a librarian in the small town of Lawrenceton, Washington who runs the Real Murders Club[15][16]
  • Lexa Doig as Sally Allison, a reporter with the local newspaper, Aurora's best friend, and a member of the Real Murders Club
  • Marilu Henner as Aida Teagarden, the town's real estate agent and Aurora's mother who disapproves of her daughter's involvement in solving murders
  • Bruce Dawson as John Queensland, an active member of the Real Murders Club who shares Aurora's passion to solve murders and later starts dating Aurora's mother
  • Miranda Frigon as Lynn Smith, a detective with the homicide division of the police force (later chief) who often finds Aurora annoyingly in the middle of her investigations
  • Peter Benson as Arthur Smith, a detective with the burglary division of the police force who is married to Lynn Smith and briefly dated Aurora
  • Yannick Bisson as Martin Bartell, (introduced in Three Bedrooms, One Corpse) a former CIA agent who moves to town, falls in love with Aurora, and later dates her. Bisson left the series in 2018.[17]
  • Niall Matter as Nick Miller, (introduced in The Disappearing Game) a college professor who lives opposite Aurora, and helps her with her investigations


  • A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film.
Character Title
A Bone To Pick Real Murders Three Bedrooms, One Corpse The Julius House Dead Over Heels A Bundle of Trouble Last Scene Alive Reap What You Sew The
Disappearing Game
A Clue to a Kill[18] Where There's a Will[19] A Very Foul Play[20]
Aurora Teagarden Candace Cameron Bure
Sally Allison Lexa Doig Lexa Doig
Aida Teagarden Marilu Henner
John Queensland Bruce Dawson
Arthur Smith Peter Benson
Lynn Liggett-Smith Miranda Frigon
Macon Turner David Ingram David Ingram Dean Marshall
LeMaster Cane Daniel Bacon Julian Christopher
Lillian Tibbett Ellie Harvie
Captain Burns Craig March
Bubba Rankart Dave Collette Dave Collette Dave Collette
Maisie Schlumper Darla Fay Darla Fay
Robin Daniels Robin Dunne Robin Dunne
Perry Dell Scott Lyster Scott Lyster
Officer Heard Brad Harder Brad Harder Brad Harder
Martin Bartell Yannick Bisson
Terry Sternholtz Catherine Lough Haggquist Catherine Lough Haggquist
Larry Devon Alexander Devon Alexander
Jason Dell Keenan Tracey James Rittinger
Nick Miller Niall Matter Niall Matter[19]

TV Films[edit]

No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1"Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick"Martin WoodCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)April 4, 2015 (2015-04-04)
Having inherited a large estate from a member of the now defunct Real Murders Club, Aurora Teagarden is mystified by a mere acquaintance's gift of money, jewelry, and a two bedroom house with a skull hidden in the couch. Did the old lady kill someone and leave Aurora to solve the mystery or was she being framed? Aurora must figure it all out before her ex-boyfriend Arthur, the police detective, and her new love interest Aubrey, the episcopal priest, figure out what she's up to.
2"Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"Martin WoodCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)July 26, 2015 (2015-07-26)[21][22]
Local crime buffs meet monthly in the small town of Lawrenceton, Georgia to analyze famous murder cases. In this Real Murders Club, they get all too close a look as one of their members is bludgeoned in exactly the same manner as the crime to be discussed that night. Aurora Teagarden, the town librarian, is not only a member of the club, a suspect in the murder but also a potential victim as other murders follow - each mimicking a famous crime. Aurora must work quickly to discover which of her fellow sleuths is the killer.
3"Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"Lynne StopkewichCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)June 12, 2016 (2016-06-12)
While Aurora Teagarden searches for her piece of the American dream, she decides to test the waters of the family business - real estate sales. Only thing is there's a dead body in the first house she shows to a businessman, Martin Bartell (Yannick Bisson) who is moving to town. When a second body shows up in another home, Aurora realizes there's more to the murders than she thought. Worried that the murderer could be one of the local real estate agents, Aurora recruits fellow Real Murders Club members John and Perry to help her with what turns into a case of art theft. She soon finds herself attracted to Martin who has also become a prime suspect on the police's list.
4"The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"Terry IngramCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)August 16, 2016 (2016-08-16)
Ever since she got a sizable inheritance from an acquaintance, Aurora has wanted to buy a house. Her mother, Aida Teagarden, is her real estate agent. Against Aida's advice, Aurora finds what she believes is the perfect house in the country, five miles outside of Lawrenceton. It is the infamous Julius House where the family of three (father, mother, and their teenage daughter) had disappeared into thin air four years ago. As she begins moving in, Aurora is drawn to the mysterious disappearance of the family and starts searching for clues in the house.
5"Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"Terry IngramCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)March 19, 2017 (2017-03-19)
Aurora and Captain Jack Burns never saw eye to eye but when he winds up murdered, she can't help but get involved despite being told by several people to stay away. The Captain's wife, Bess Burns (Leah Cairns) is suspiciously composed in the aftermath while new detective Pete Lambert (Jim Thorburn) thinks Martin is involved in Burns' death. Aurora finds Bess' sister and her colleague at the library, Lillian, attacked in the library and suspects that Captain Burns was on a case that got him murdered. As Aurora begins digging into the murder, her house is broken into and someone mysteriously leaves her flowers and then a kitten. Tensions also rise between Aurora and Martin as they near one year of being together. Meanwhile, Aurora tries to set up Sally with Tim Prentiss (Jeremy Guilbaut), Martin's colleague from the CIA who has recently moved to town.
6"A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"Kevin FairCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)May 21, 2017 (2017-05-21)
Regina, the long-lost niece of Aurora's boyfriend, Martin, turns up with a baby. Before Martin has a chance to reconnect with Regina, she disappears leaving a dead husband, Craig, on Aurora's balcony and her baby, Hayden, hidden in Aurora's bathtub. Aurora and Martin's investigation leads them to Regina and Craig's home in the neighboring town of Corinth, where Craig's parents and Regina's neighbors express bewilderment when told of Regina's newborn baby. Aurora works on balancing her relationship with Martin with her efforts to solve the murder of the baby's father and the disappearance of his mother.
7"Last Scene Alive: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"Martin WoodCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)January 7, 2018 (2018-01-07)[23]
Aurora's friend and mystery author, Robin Daniels, is back in town because his book is being made into a film. The lead character is based on Aurora herself, but the actress playing her, Celia Shaw, is found murdered in her trailer. Martin is suspicious of Robin who dated Celia Shaw briefly. Several others involved with the movie had their own problems with Celia. The plot thickens when the police find out that Celia was both poisoned and then clubbed since that made it obvious someone wanted to make sure she was dead. Meanwhile, since John moved away to be closer to his grandchildren, Aida gets friendly with the movie director. Another subplot has Martin preoccupied by the disappearance of his CIA partner, Rex, and leaves for South America at the end of the film to look for him.
8"Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"Terry IngramCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)April 15, 2018 (2018-04-15)[24]
When an old family friend, Poppy Wilson, returns to Lawrenceton, not everyone is happy. When Poppy is murdered, Aurora must face uncomfortable truths in order to get to the truth of who killed her.
9"Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game"Martin WoodCharlaine Harris (novel), Teena Booth (teleplay)July 29, 2018 (2018-07-29)[25]
The disappearance of her cousin and his roommate, following the suspicious death of the roommate's girlfriend, spur Aurora on to investigate. As well as enlisting the help of her friends, she is also assisted by handsome college professor Nick Miller (Niall Matter), who has recently moved in across the street.
10"Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Clue to a Kill[18]"TBACharlaine Harris (novel),September 15, 2019 (2019-09-15)[26]
11"Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Where There's a Will[19]"Michael Robison[27]Charlaine Harris (novel),September 22, 2019 (2019-09-22)[26]
12"Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Very Foul Play[20]"Martin Wood[20]TBASeptember 29, 2019 (2019-09-29)[26]

Filming and Broadcast[edit]

The films in the series have been shot largely in Vancouver, British Columbia.[28]

The films are broadcast in the USA on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Channel 5 took over the broadcast rights for the series in the UK.[29]


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