Aurora University (Shanghai)

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Aurora University
Université l'Aurore
Plán Šanhaje.jpg
A Czechoslovakian map of Shanghai from 1930, with Aurora University located in the French quarter
Other name
Zhendan University (震旦大學)
Active 1903 (1903)–1952 (1952)
Religious affiliation
Location Shanghai, China
Language Chinese

Aurora University (French: Université l'Aurore, Chinese: 震旦大學; pinyin: Zhèndàn Dàxué) was a preeminent Catholic university in Shanghai from 1903 to 1952.

The University was founded on 27 February, 1903 by Father Joseph Ma Xiangbo S.J. (1840-1939) and French Jesuits. Ma Xiangbo left Aurora in 1905 to establish Fudan University, and Aurora was run by French Jesuits until the coming of Communist Revolution. From 1908 onwards it was located in Shanghai's French Concession.

In 1952, Aurora University merged into East China Normal University and Fudan University, while the chemistry department was absorbed by the newly founded East China Institute of Chemical Technology and the Medical School became part of the Shanghai Second Medical College.

Coordinates: 31°08′31″N 121°26′36″E / 31.1419°N 121.4433°E / 31.1419; 121.4433