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AusIndustry is the Australian Government’s specialist business program delivery division in the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. AusIndustry delivers programs for businesses and individuals worth around A$2 billion per year including innovation grants, clean technology, tax incentives, duty concessions, small business development,industry support and venture capital.[1]


The Australian Government announced the creation of AusIndustry on 4 May 1994 as a result of the White Paper Working Nation: White Paper on Employment and Growth 1994.[2]


AusIndustry delivers business services that build on three key drivers of economic growth - innovation, investment and international competitiveness. AusIndustry provides incentives to help Australian businesses:

  • conduct research and development;
  • grow small business;
  • take up new technology;
  • undertake industry-specific manufacturing and production; and
  • commercialise a new technology or venture.

Office locations[edit]

AusIndustry locations, as of December 2011.

AusIndustry has customer service managers located in more than 20 offices across Australia, including 15 regional offices, plus a national contact centre and website.


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