Ausa (Udine)

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This article is about the river that flows through the Province of Udine. For the river that flows through San Marino and the Province of Rimini, see Ausa River.
Ausa Cervignano.jpg
The Ausa flowing past Cervignano
Origin near Udine
Mouth Laguna di Marano
45°45′10″N 13°14′24″E / 45.75278°N 13.24000°E / 45.75278; 13.24000Coordinates: 45°45′10″N 13°14′24″E / 45.75278°N 13.24000°E / 45.75278; 13.24000
Basin countries Italy

The Ausa or Aussa (Latin: Alsa[1]) is a river in the Italian province of Udine.[2] Its source is near the city of Udine. The river flows south past Palmanova, Aiello del Friuli, Cervignano del Friuli and Terzo d'Aquileia before emptying into the Laguna di Marano between Marano Lagunare and Aquileia.[3]


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