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Ausenco Limited
Traded as ASXAAX
Industry Engineering
Founded Brisbane, Australia (1991 (1991))
Headquarters South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Number of locations
19 - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Samoa, Saudia Arabia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Tonga, USA, Vanuatu
Key people
George Lloyd (Chairman)
Zimi Meka (CEO)
Craig Allen (CFO)
Products Environment & Sustainability; Minerals Processing; Oil & Gas, Power; Transportation Systems; Ports & Terminals; Pipeline Systems; Operations & Maintenance; and Infrastructure
Services Engineering, Program Management, Global Procurement, Construction Management, Commissioning, EPC/EPCM, Studies and Technical Solutions, Control Systems
Revenue A$453.9m (2013)[1]
Number of employees

Ausenco Limited is a global engineering, procurement, construction management, and operations service provider to the energy and resources sectors. Its head office is in Brisbane, Australia.[2]


Ausenco was founded in Brisbane, Australia, in 1991,[3] by Zimi Meka, current CEO and Managing Director, and Bob Thorpe, current Board member. Four years later, in 1995, the second office opened in Perth, Australia.

In 2002, the first institutional shareholders invested in Ausenco and the former Queensland Premier, Wayne Goss, was appointed Chairman of the company.[4] Ausenco established the Ascentis division in 2003 to deliver operations solutions to the minerals processing industry. In 2004, Ausenco opened an office in China, and then in 2005, opened offices in North America and South America.

The company listed on the Australian stock exchange on 15 June 2006.[4]

In 2007, the Bangkok and Vancouver offices opened increasing the number of employees by 31% to 1,010 people globally.[5] The Ausenco foundation[6] was also launched in 2007 to offer support to the communities in which people from Ausenco live and work.

Ausenco began an expansion program in 2008 by acquiring several companies to enhance their service offering including Vector Engineering, Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI)[7] and Sandwell.[8] This increased employee numbers by 150%, and expanded service offerings to include pipeline systems, ports & marine, environment & sustainability, and transportation systems. The Ausenco Taggart joint venture was also formed in 2008 to offer design and delivery expertise for coal handling processing plants.

In 2009, Ausenco formed alliances with Whittle Consulting and Meteng to focus on expanding their optimisation services. The company also acquired 50% equity in the Kramer Group to form Kramer Ausenco,[9] expanding the company’s presence and services into PNG and the South Pacific.

Ausenco further diversified their offering in 2012 by acquiring 100% of Reaction Consulting,[10] a Canada-based specialist provider of engineering services in the SAGD bitumen and oil sands sectors, to expand its capability and services in process engineering for the oil and gas market. Ausenco also formed an alliance with Proxa Ltd[11] to provide specialist water management capabilities and the Ausenco Rylson[12] joint venture was formed to expand offerings in asset optimisation and management services.

George Lloyd was appointed Chairman in 2013 which was the same year Ausenco acquired PROJEX Technologies Ltd[13] located in Calgary, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to expand capabilities in the oil sands market.


Ausenco has worked on projects in over 90 countries around the world, and has 2,550 employees as of 2014, across 31 offices in 19 countries.[1]

The company operates under five key business lines: Oil & Gas, Power; Environment & Sustainability; Minerals & Metals; Process Infrastructure; and APAC/Africa.[14]

Energy projects include oil and gas, power generation, alternative energy, renewable power, waste to energy and energy transport. The Environment and Sustainability business line includes geotechnical and civil solutions, mining engineering, water management, tailings and mine waste management and sustainable, environmental and social solutions. Ausenco’s Minerals & Metals unit includes concentrator design, construction and commissioning,[15] hydrometallurgy, smelting (pyrometallurgy) and heap leach facility design.[16] The process infrastructure unit covers a broad range of sectors including transportation systems,[17] ports and terminals,[18] pipeline systems[19] and infrastructure. Lastly, the APAC/Africa business line comprises several project execution centres, including a high value engineering centre, to deliver a complete and seamless solution offering.

Major Projects[edit]

Major projects have included:

  • Chatree Gold Project, Thailand in 2000[4]
  • North Mara Gold Project, Tanzania in 2001
  • Sepon Copper Gold Project, Laos in 2002[20][21]
  • Phu Kham Copper Gold Project, Laos in 2006[22][23]
  • Hidden Valley Gold Silver Project in Papua New Guinea in 2006[24]
  • Lumwana Copper Project, Zambia in 2008[25][26]
  • Isaac Pains Coal Mine, Australia in 2008[27][28]
  • Martabe Gold Silver Project, Indonesia in 2009[29][30]
  • Los Bronces Project, Chile[31][32]
  • Kwale Mineral Sands Project, Kenya in 2012[33][34]
  • Constancia Copper Project, Peru in 2012[35][36][37]
  • Tonkolili Iron Ore Phase 2, Sierra Leone in 2014[38]
  • Springsure Creek Coal Project, Australia[39]

Notable Awards[edit]

Winner Australian Export Award – Services[40]
Winner Engineering Excellence Award – Projects and Exports

Winner Queensland Export Award – Services
Winner Australian Export Award – Services[40]

Winner Queensland Engineering Excellence Award – Resource Development (with Bateman Engineering)

Winner Queensland Export Award – Services
Winner Australian Export Award – Services[40]

Export Award’s Hall of Fame[5]

Winner Vision Award - Illumination Engineering Society, BC

Winner Australia Latin America Business Excellence award[41]
Winner Jack Holt Newcrest Mining Trophy
Winner BC Workplace Diversity Award[42]
Winner Royal Architectural Institute of Canada award

Winner Annual Australian Mining Prospect Award - Contractor of the Year[43]
Winner Construsoft/Tekla BIM award[44]
Winner Queensland's Export Award – Minerals and Energy[45]

Winner Queensland Professional Engineer of the Year – Zimi Meka[46]
Silver medal award winner in Canada’s Safest Employers awards[47]
Winner Australian Business Award - Recommended Employer[48]
Winner Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards - Engineering a Better Canada Award [49]
Award of Excellence Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards - Special Projects [49]
Award of Merit (ACEC-BC) British Columbia Awards – Natural Resource, Energy and Industry [50]
Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence (ACEC-BC) British Columbia Awards – Soft Engineering[50]

Finalist PACE Zenith Awards – Mining and Minerals Processing
Finalist QLD Mining Contractor Awards – Cost Saving Initiative[51]
Winner QLD Mining Contractor Awards – Cost Saving Initiative[51]
Award of Merit (ACEC-BC) British Columbia Awards – Municipal and Civil Infrastructure[52]


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