Aussie Battler Party

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Aussie Battler Party
LeaderStuart O'Neil
FoundedOctober 2018
IdeologyRight-wing populism
Australian nationalism
Political positionRight-wing[1]
Colours     Blue

The Aussie Battler Party is a political party in Victoria, Australia.[2] Formed in October 2018 to contest the 2018 state election, it seeks to "represent all of those who are fed up with so much wasting of taxpayers money and time by too many politicians who have forgotten what it is like to live in mainstream society"(sic).[3]

It will field candidates for each of the eight regions of the Legislative Council.

Some of the party's policies include:

  • Abolishing the anti-bullying program, Safe Schools (calling it "child abuse" and "pro-paedophilia and paedophile grooming content")[4]
  • Tackling rising prices by creating a government funded lending institution
  • Moving people into regional areas[5]

One of their candidates is Walter Mikac[6] who was one of the driving forces behind Australia's tougher gun laws, but the party has done a number of preference deals with parties that are supported by the gun lobby.[7]

It has been accused of participating in preference harvesting deals organised by "preference whisperer" Glenn Druery.[8]


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