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Aussie Elliott
Born 1914
Oklahoma, United States
Died February 3, 1934(1934-02-03) (aged 20)
near Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Cause of death killed in police shootout
Occupation Bank robber
Conviction(s) Armed robbery (1932)

Aussie Elliott (1914 – February 3, 1934) was a Depression-era outlaw and associate of bank robbers George Birdwell and Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd. Born in Oklahoma, Elliott was convicted of bank robbery in 1932[citation needed] and sentenced to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma eventually escaping on August 14, 1932. Soon after joining Birdwell and Floyd, the three robbed a bank in Sallisaw, Oklahoma of $2,530. Although identified by witnesses raiding a bank in Henryetta of $11,352 only six days later, several reports attributed the robbery to the Ford Bradshaw gang.[1]

Along with Adam Richetti and Edgar Dunbar, Elliott robbed $3,000 from a bank in Ash Grove, Missouri on January 12, 1933 before fleeing to the home of Richetti's brother in Bolivar. Captured four months later in Creek County, Oklahoma on May 14, Elliott was imprisoned for five months before again escaping on October 28. Despite the extensive manhunt by authorities, Elliott refused to flee Oklahoma and, along with bandits Raymond Moore and Eldon Wilson, was eventually trapped by police near Sapulpa, Oklahoma and engaged in a gun battle resulting in the deaths of all three men as well as Sapulpa Police Chief Tom Brumley and Patrolman Charles Lloyd on February 3, 1934.[1]


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