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Aussie World
Aussie World logo.svg
Slogan Fun's Our Thing [1]
Location Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Coordinates 26°45′0.78″S 153°2′47.65″E / 26.7502167°S 153.0465694°E / -26.7502167; 153.0465694Coordinates: 26°45′0.78″S 153°2′47.65″E / 26.7502167°S 153.0465694°E / -26.7502167; 153.0465694
Opened November 24, 1989 (1989-11-24)
Operating season Year-round
Total 22
Roller coasters 0
Water rides 1

Aussie World is a privately owned, medium-sized, family theme park on the Sunshine Coast that has over 30 different rides and attractions.

It is located on Bruce Highway at Palmview. The park forms part of a larger tourism precinct consisting of the Ettamogah Pub and the Aussie World Retail Village.

It has been recognised by the Sunshine Coast council annual business awards as an important tourist attraction from 2011 to 2014.[2]

It was opened on 24 November 1989 and is open all year excepting Christmas Day.

History and development[edit]

The Ettamogah Pub with Aussie World in the background.

Park History[edit]

The original creator of the Ettamogah Pub was Ken Maynard, who started drawing the Pub in 1959. It was made famous through his regular cartoons in The Australasian Post.[3] The Aussie World "Ettamogah Pub" was built 30 years later in 1989. The word "Ettamogah" is Aboriginal for 'place of good drink'. The structure stands an 18 metres (59 ft) in height. It was opened on 24 November 1989, with most of the furniture inside the pub built from trees cleared from the actual site. A vehicle is positioned on the top of the pub. In the cartoon the theory is the truck was washed up there in the floods of 1946[3] and none of the regulars could be bothered to get it down. The car is a 1927 Chevy which originally was a four-door sedan and was converted into a utility in 1947.

The entrance to Aussie World following the 2007 renovations.

In 2005, Aussie World renovated their existing rides including the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster, Octopus and Rock 'n' Roll Rebel Dark Ride. Further renovations were conducted in 2007 with the front entrance being completely upgraded. Two 15.5-metre (51 ft), brightly coloured barber poles were erected and a twin-peaked blue and yellow shade across the entrance was constructed.[4]

On 7 March 2011, Aussie World announced that they would open two new rides. The first was a Zamperla Disk'O called the Redback with the second being a Log Ride attraction due to open by the end of the year.[5] The Redback opened on 1 April 2011 in time for the Easter school holidays.[6] On 9 May 2011, Aussie World announced a further two rides would be constructed in 2011, totalling three for the year.[7] The Giant Slide opened in September 2011.[8] On 7 December 2011, the Plunge water ride was opened to the public.[9] The three 2011 attractions cost a total of $2 million to construct.[9] The introduction of these three rides has seen record attendance at the amusement park.[10]

Wet'n'Wild Aussie World[edit]

In May 2008, Village Roadshow Theme Parks (the owners of several Australian theme parks) entered into a conditional agreement with Aussie World. This agreement gave Village Roadshow the "option to acquire the land and business of Aussie World".[11] The company planned to build a new Wet'n'Wild water park on the Aussie World site named Wet'n'Wild Aussie World.[12] This was followed three months later with a development application being submitted to the Caloundra City Council.[12][13]

On 23 September 2009, Village Roadshow Limited (VRL) announced "after extensive research, review and planning, VRL considers that when compared with other opportunities available, the potential returns do not justify the level of investment for the world class water park which would be required to deliver a significant destination site."[11]


Ferris Wheel
Wild Mouse Rollercoaster

Aussie World has a collection of over 30 rides and games which provide entertainment for all ages.[14] These include:


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